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2006 the 9th (Dalian) warm an air conditioning exhibition
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   Sponsor an unit: Committee of technology of association of Chinese town heat addition, Liaoning saves Institute of Refrigeration, china builds government of people of city of northeast designing institute, Dalian
   Undertake unit: Exhibition of Pacific Ocean of cold association of Dalian the Chinese system of weights and measures, Dalian engineers limited company
   Support an unit particularly: The State Council revitalizes office of base of northeast old industry
   Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China

Fair of import and export merchandise of the 20th Dalian is Chinese north is the biggest internationally trade fair. The delegacy of 64 business affairs of 32 countries and area goes to meeting ginseng to exhibit, the concerned leader such as Department of Commerce exhibits presence at the appointed time meeting.

Exhibit as theme of current grand meeting of the meeting " product of heating of 2006 China International, heat addition, air conditioning, refrigeration and technology (Dalian) exhibition " the battle array with industry elite enterprise, of high-end major product and top class technology reveal, china north, northwest and northeast, northeast inferior the domestic and international professional line that waits for area to form purchases a group, and the business chance that is full of commerce of inside and outside and economic technology collaboration, ablaze on current grand meeting come on stage.

In answer to the country about " make construction of good energy natural resources in the round, preferential the project that has caught managing energy natural resources and accelerate construction managing model society " appeal, the production of the development of energy-saving technology and promotion and energy-saving product, sale and reveal will serve as current exhibit can outstanding subject. Current exhibit what can be willing to be a whole world is warm connect industry of air conditioning equipment to grab beach China northeast market, provide vast market space, of base of northeast old industry revitalize and the good luck that waits for national export trade to day, face, Han, Russia mixes Dalian favourable geographical position, exhibited an enterprise to create Dalian of base oneself upon to join, linkage northeast, complementary shoot northeast inferior advantageous business chance, also be current the glamour that exhibits the selling party that can have alone and buyer win-win!

The honored guest inside course of study of genuine welcome China and foreign countries 06 midsummer photographs get together in bank city Dalian.

Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold:

1, refrigerant treatment and refrigerated transport refrigerate food of the 2nd international technology (Dalian) exhibition
2, exhibition of pump of international of the 3rd Dalian, valve, conduit
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