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Triangle of 9 2 extensive (Guangzhou) communication of technology of refrigerati
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Begin time: 2005-12-21
End time: 2005-12-23
Hold a place: China exports trade fair exhibition
Contact: Zhang Zhaoyong
Connect a telephone call: 020-81923688
Sponsor an unit: Guangdong saves Institute of Refrigeration, Guangdong to save company of commercial industry group
Undertake unit: Company of group of industry of Guangdong province business, Guangzhou 100 collect can exhibit service limited company

Exhibit meeting general situation: Via Guangdong province people government is approved, first when save Institute of Refrigeration, Guangdong to save company of commercial industry group to sponsor by Guangdong " triangle of 9 2 extensive (Guangzhou) communication of technology of refrigeration air conditioning and equipment exhibition " will be in Guangzhou · China to export trade fair exhibition to hold at coming 23 days on December 21, 2005.

As the rapid development of world economic integration, cooperate through the economy between area, forming area advantage is the task that government and trade organization take seriously very, "9 2 " the conception that area of economy of extensive bead triangle cooperates, build the effective passageway of collaboration, win-win for each industry or enterprise just about. Of current exhibition hold, the purpose is the impetus that area of have the aid of cooperates, use the dominant position that Guangdong is produced as equipment of refrigeration air conditioning and consumes big province, jointly " 9 2 " the main force of industry of the refrigeration inside economic area, execute an advantage complementary, build the platform of the extensive communication such as a learning, equipment, talent, information and collaboration jointly, achieve accelerate production with the technology, guide consumption with the market, win in order to cooperate take business chance, drive the full-scale development of industry of air conditioning of the refrigeration inside economic collaboration area.

Limits of item on display: Machine of A, refrigeration: Aircrew of cold water of aircrew of cold water of type of aircrew of aircrew of refrigeration compressor, compressor group, condensation, piston cold water, screw, centrifugal type, draw type refrigeration engine.
Equipment of B, air conditioning: Door with air conditioning of aircrew of central air conditioning, hot pump, unit type aircrew of aircrew of coil of air conditioning of energy-saving machine, car, fan, air conditioning, labor cold unit.
C, business uses refrigeration device: Cold storage exposes refrigeratory of ark, combination and its refrigeration system.
Equipment of quick-freeze of D, industry and refrigerated transport equipment: Lorry of food quick-freeze equipment, cold storage uses cold storage of refrigerating equipment of refrigeration unit, ship, railroad to use refrigeration unit.
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