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Air conditioning of refrigeration of 2005 China International, warm reach ventil
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Begin time: On October 27, 2005
End time: On October 30, 2005
Hold a place: Celebrate international conference to exhibit a center (peak of Asia-Pacific city mayor is met the site of an association)
Contact: Li Shiyou 023-66863037
Sponsor an unit: Trade of China International machinery closes to mechanical industry of city of chamber of commerce of machinery of meeting, China International, Chongqing runs city of the office, Chongqing association of science and technology
Undertake unit: Hurried of trade of China International machinery can exhibit ministry, Chongqing empyreal exhibition engineers limited company
Exhibit meeting general situation:

In recent years, chongqing infrastructure construction and real estate get developing flourishingly, investment of our city real estate already achieved 160 billion yuan 2004, will achieve 200 billion yuan 2005, and with annual the rate of 30% rises quickly, this is China and foreign countries undoubtedly refrigeration, air conditioning, warm reached ventilated clean static industry to offer infinite market business chance. Enthusiastic, sincere letter, open Chongqing welcomes you.

Change rapid development as our country city, construction market extends increasingly, contain is worn endless business chance. Forecast according to the expert, to 2010, our country is urban and rural build the residence to will amount to 15 billion square metre, structure of general republic industry and infrastructure are built, accompanying the municipal Lou Yu, business organization, advanced apartment demand after entering a life to increase, will provide a vast development space for refrigeration, air conditioning, warm current job. Among them, according to the not complete count of national authority branch: While enterprise of Chinese air conditioning produces can ceaseless dilate, air conditioning crop also maintained high speed growth, arrived 2000 between 2004, air conditioning crop year all increase rate is maintained in 30 % above. Only this year 1 - domestic accumulative total produced air conditioning May thirty-nine million one hundred and four thousand, than 2004 the corresponding period grows 24.4 % . Popularity rate of air conditioning of family of consumer of one class market achieves 78.6 % , had lain a higher level, the family has entered the customer that has 12.5 % among them 2 times to buy level, had the consumer family that buys experience for many times to also occupy 6.3 % . To 2005 air conditioning anticipates in the center of type of our country door buy rate for 5% , market sale is 200 thousand, potential vendibility is as high as 80 100 million.

As western exclusive central municipality directly under the Central Government, as AAPP (annual meeting of Asian parliament peace) can be in in succession with peak of mayor of city of 2005 October Asia-Pacific of Chongqing hold, elevated Chongqing the influence in international home and political economy status further, chongqing is in to internationalization metropolitan stride! The construction of 3 gorge project, make have the Chongqing of the aqueduct of the Yangtse River of Shanghai of be open to navigation or air traffic and advantage of the sources of energy, extremely hopeful become the economy western and information center, at the same time Chongqing already became the content western to shed a center. "3 gorge project, on the west report east send, enrage on the west east be defeated, 8 hours of green Tibet railroad, Chongqing " wait for century project start, the enterprise outside making more and more home values the foreground of Chongqing and business chance. Pull those who move economic growth " 3 drive carriage " (investment, consumption, start inside need) in, investment growth is very driving, investment of annual Chongqing whole society broke through 160 billion yuan successfully 2004, investment gross amounts to one hundred and sixty billion nine hundred and ninety-three million yuan, grow 26.8% compared to the same period, invest 34 billion yuan than was being added completely 2003, continued to take on to help the main force that uses Chongqing economy to stabilize growth quickly. Among them construction and transform investment one hundred and twenty-one billion six hundred and eighty-four million yuan, grow 29.3% compared to the same period; Estate development invests thirty-nine billion three hundred and nine million yuan, grow 19.9% compared to the same period. Drive in its just about, estate development, advocate old house of danger of the city zone is transformed, development of new developed area and immigrant of area of 3 gorge library remove the sign that the project shows rapid growth, and this is sure to be connected to warm, refrigeration air conditioning and ventilated industry bring new turning point.
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