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Heating of heat addition of 2005 northeast international reachs boiler equipment
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Begin time: 2005-5-12
End time: 2005-5-14
Hold a place: Liaoning
Contact: Cheng Zhiping
Sponsor an unit: Association of structure of metal of building of province of Liaoning of association of heat addition of town of provincial capital of Liaoning of advisory ministry of technology of association of Chinese town heat addition warms committee Liaoning saves an equipment major building architecture can warm a committee of air conditioning major
Undertake unit: Good rich is exhibited (Shenyang) limited company
Assist run an unit: Province of Liaoning of association of industry of Liaoning province environmental protection installs guild of heating of association Shenyang city

Equipment of ◆ heat addition, heating
A, fuel (gas) boiler, electric heat boiler, boiler of steam boiler, hot water, special type boiler, burner;
Furnace of fireplace of equipment of heating of film of equipment of heating of equipment of heating of B, floor radiate, infrared heating equipment, calorific cable, electric heat, bedroom, heating, solar energy makes heat (cold) systematic equipment, swim kitchen of equipment of pool sauna heat addition, bathroom is wholesome clean;
C, concentration is heat addition equipment, hot system of net design, heating power moves, construction, carry lade, equipment of pressure regulating, maintenance, hot list, heat is metric the system of plan expenses management, system that copy a watch, terrestrial heat, development uses instrument device;
Heater of D, various radiator, heat exchanger, air;
◆ boiler subsidiary engine reachs device of its form a complete set
A, boiler accuses equipment, subsidiary engine, accessory to wait oneself;
Equipment of B, pump, valve, fan, flow control adjustment, flue gas of temperature, pressure, discharge, liquid is metric analytic instrument appearance;
Heat insolation of canal of canal of all sorts of C, new-style canal material, polyethylene pipe, glass reinforced plastics, metal collapsible tube, moire canal and compensator, heat preservation, pipe fitting and connect, heat preservation is anticorrosive facilities of pipeline of material, other;
D, boiler water handles equipment and appearance of instrument of form a complete set.
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