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2005 China (Changzhou) warm connect, exhibition of refrigeration air conditionin
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Begin time: 2005-3-10
End time: 2005-3-12
Hold a place: Changzhou
Contact: Wang Kun
Sponsor an unit: Center of information of Chinese light industry
Undertake unit: Shanghai shows limited company 3 litres
Assist run an unit: Each province city is warm connect, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association

Hold current exhibit the tenet of the meeting
Hua Dongliu visits one town---Chinese economy booms most an area that develop. Changzhou---Economy of delta of the Yangtse River encircles Su Na to have the city of latent capacity and vigor most, build the ceaseless development that especially big city and old city transform as the government, swift and violent development of economy, people living standard rises ceaselessly, be sure to drive warm, the unprecedented development of industry of refrigeration air conditioning, sponsor high standards, Gao Shui accurate, large-scale warm, the development that exhibition of refrigeration air conditioning will promote a trade greatly, connect to warm, refrigeration air conditioning and relevant industry create infinite business chance. By government, association, domestic and international a variety of 60 media make together " 2005 China (Changzhou) warm connect, exhibition of refrigeration air conditioning " , aim to flourish our country is warm, industry of refrigeration air conditioning, farther promotion our country is warm, the brand of refrigeration air conditioning and famous degree reach enlarge mart of trade of inside and outside, aim to drive our country to warm at the same time, company of refrigeration air conditioning is better, faster blend in global economy. Current exhibit China of meeting base oneself upon, face the world, depend on government, association, domestic and international of a variety of 60 media together synergic advantage, group exhibit unit exert oneself to make China of a comprehensive delegate warm, refrigeration air conditioning is highest commerce platform of the level, will attract number home to buy the home domestic and internationally to be purchased eagerly at the appointed time, it is our country warms connect, the important window that manufacturer of refrigeration air conditioning opens international and home market. Your demand is the motivation that we work, let us carry a hand to warm for China, of industry of refrigeration air conditioning fly and try hard!

Area advantage
Changzhou is in area of beautiful and abundant triangle of gold of the Yangtse River, with Shanghai, Nanjing two metropolitan equidistant photographs look, sleeve with the Suzhou, couplet that do not have stannum piece, formed Su Xichang city to encircle. Changzhou is having very advantageous area condition and condition of convenient terraqueous empty traffic, urban north faces the Yangtse River, na Bin too lake, peaceful freeway, 312 countries of Shanghai peaceful railroad, Shanghai Hang Dayun river wears path, Beijing condition and over- . Freely of whole town a network of rivers interweaves, connect Jiang Tonghai. Harbor of Changzhou of the Yangtse River regards a country as a kind of open port, handling capacity of content of special purchases for the Spring Festival exceeds 1 million tons. Changzhou is " Chinese city comprehensive strength 50 strong " and " Chinese city investment climate 40 actor " one of cities, be decided for the country the first batch can last development and countrywide annulus model are pilot city. The geographical and humanitarian environment with advantaged Changzhou and good infrastructure, it is the good place that domestic and international travelling merchant has an economic and trade activity.
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