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China (Chongqing) warm, major of industry of refrigeration air conditioning is p
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Begin time: 2004-11-21
End time: 2004-11-23
Hold a place: Chongqing
Contact: Wu Yong of Ran snow Chun Chenfu Qu Keqing
Sponsor an unit: Architecture of Economic Commission of city of association of industry of Chinese refrigeration air conditioning, Chongqing, China will be warm mechanical industry of city of a committee of air conditioning major, Chongqing runs the office
Undertake unit: Couplet of Chinese and Western of limited company of Chongqing exhibition center, Chongqing reads extensively limited company
Assist run an unit: Business of each big estate development, Chongqing provides Chongqing designing institute of first class aptitude

The from east to west that develops as a result of our country economy is lopsided, caused industry of refrigeration air conditioning east the market structure that loses by force on the west. Current, the production of area of the eastpart part and sale basically tend stable, the growth space change of the market is not big, and western the initial stage that the economy of the area is in rapid development, growth space of economy makes a person fix eyes upon, area refrigeration industry reachs industry of form a complete set to have certain base western, the vacuum that the industry grows is giant.

Chongqing, western exclusive municipality directly under the Central Government, as western develop the strategy greatly carry out, condition of its superior geographical environment, traffic and advantage of directly under the jurisdiction of, becoming the heat of investment with each passing day. Statistical data shows, last year, chongqing GDP grew 11.4% , more than 200 billion yuan; The city changes rate promotion to arrive 42% ... at the same time, as economy growth dynamic investment grows considerably, achieve 127 billion, capital basically flows to domain of infrastructure, industry, real estate. After directly under the jurisdiction of, chongqing city invests 600 billion yuan of construction that are used at infrastructure, traffic condition and investment climate got huge is improved, urban features takes on an entirely new look; Regard an old industry as the city, reform as the ceaseless development of economic system, industry industry of this one pillar coruscate gives new energy; In the meantime, the real estate development of Chongqing is swift and violent, its increase rate is in the throughout the country is big in the be among the best of candidates in the city... all these, the growth that spurs market of refrigeration air conditioning greatly.

Be in to promote industry of refrigeration air conditioning the development western, chongqing city Economic Commission hand in hand architecture of association of industry of Chinese refrigeration air conditioning, China will be warm connect committee of air conditioning major to came 23 days to be in on November 21, 2004 Chongqing, sponsor the large activity about industry of Chinese refrigeration air conditioning jointly -- major of industry of refrigeration air conditioning is purchased meeting, with period provide a communication for entire industry trends of industry of product information, knowledge, offer with what international conforms goods and purchase platform.
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