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2004 China (Shenyang) heating of independence of building of international high
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Begin time: 2004-9-9
End time: 2004-9-11
Hold a place: Liaoning
Contact: Wen Hua 13609873568
Sponsor an unit: Committee of Shenyang city urban and rural construction
Undertake unit: Shenyang winner exhibition engineers limited company
Assist run an unit:

Support an unit: Liaoning provincial capital presses down Liaoning of heat addition association to save Institute of Refrigeration

Province of Liaoning of society of Liaoning province solar energy warms an air conditioning society

Develop quickly continuously as Chinese economy and in the center of implement the strategy that revitalizes base of northeast old industry in the round decision-making, the urban construction that is base of northeast old industry and construction market infuse new lease of life and vigor. Of dweller consumption level rise ceaselessly, room ground
The abidance that produces the market warms up, reach the reform of system of heating of urban heat addition, to warm, air conditioning and relevant industry bring unprecedented development opportunity. In be being built to let the city that energy-saving product is in more advanced environmental protection to did not come, get apply better and developing, by Liaoning the province builds hall approval, committee of Shenyang city urban and rural construction is sponsorred, limited company of plan of Shenyang winner exhibition undertakes " Gaobohui " the theme is exhibited " 2004 China (Shenyang) the heating of independence of building of international high level, air conditioning central and exhibition of ventilated system equipment " will in September 2004 9, hold 11 days in Liaoning industry exhibition. Current extend the communication that can aim to strengthen warm current job and collaboration, promotion is new-style, advanced warm an air conditioning product, guide northeast area user to be opposite current this industry is newest the understanding that develops a tendency and understanding.

Heat area is infinite business chance

This year is a bureau that carries out northeast to promote national policy in the round year, northeast area makes the central point that the whole world fixes eyes upon again, after hopeful becomes afterwards bead triangle, long triangle and area of Beijing ferry pond, chinese economy grows the 4th extremely. Shenyang is the economy with the oldest northeast
Central city, northeast is revitalized greatly, shenyang wants go ahead of the rest. In recent years, shenyang municipal government adopts vigorous finance policy, hold to the development that with the city the foundation is built and estate development and environmental construction drive relevant industry. Shenyang will throw 1000 much RMBs to undertake urban base is built 2004, the subway in the center of a line, Shen He of project of business affairs area, Jin Lang start in the round, and of the development of the new developed area austral muddy and Tie Xixin area transform, be sure to be connected to warm reach relevant industry to bring huge market.
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