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2003 China (Shenzhen) air conditioning reachs exhibition of form a complete set
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Begin time: 2003-6-20
End time: 2003-6-22
Hold a place: Shenzhen
Contact: Li Jingyi, Liu Jun
Sponsor an unit: Chinese trade closes to total meeting, People's Republic of China builds bureau of the classics outside city of ministry, Shenzhen,
Architecture of building of town of committee of major of refrigeration of air conditioning of Institute of Refrigeration, Shenzhen can warm a committee of air conditioning major
Undertake unit: China (Shenzhen) branch of industry of construction of stimulative commission of trade of air conditioning and organizing committee of exhibition of form a complete set, China International is large in the center of international show a department
Assist run an unit: [China " international air conditioning is exhibited " mainstream media conduct propaganda is allied 44]

Exhibit meeting characteristic:

● level is top: After afterwards China refrigeration is exhibited, give priority to a problem exclusively with refrigeration air conditioning, via the country trade of director branch China closes to ministry of total meeting, construction, outside approve via the combination such as the bureau internationally exhibition;

● cry is highest: This international is exhibited in manufacturer and user most the south that gather is held, exhibit north and south with northward international refrigeration should, will make up for south to be exhibited without the brand;

● sense is the greatest: Avoid southern manufacturer and user to want to run to the awkwardness that north trades;

● effect is optimal: Business of unit of person of the same trade of China and foreign countries, design and scientific research unit, invite public bidding, management department, development, agency, agent gather to be met originally, business chance is infinite;

● environment is top-ranking: Current exhibition will obtain attestation of system of ISO9002 international quality first times in China - - hand in meeting exhibition center high to hold;

Ginseng extend range:

In the center of ☆ in the center of air conditioning system, family expenses air conditioning system, purify clean system;

Coil of group of machine of processor of machine of ☆ air-conditioner, cold water, boiler, air, hot pump, new fan, fan, fan, water pump, conduit, prevent smoke evacuation device of facilities of equipment, ventilated equipment, cooling tower, terminal, meterage and energy-saving system;

System of canal of purifying device of ☆ condenser, compressor, humidifier, inhaler, air, refrigerator oil, evaporator, heat exchanger, shock attenuation device, wind, insulation material, expand cistern;

Equipment of system of conduit of ☆ air conditioning, lukewarm wet control, supervisory system, (temperature, pressure, humidity, discharge) controller;
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