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The 3rd western exposition of industry of residential science and technology
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Begin time: 2003-4-16
End time: 2003-4-19
Hold a place: Xi'an
Contact: Qian Yuting
Sponsor an unit: Company of daily of bureau of program of city of natural resources of land of city of committee of construction of city of hall of construction of province of stimulative center of development of construction ministry science and technology, Shaanxi, Xi'an, Xi'an and building management board, Xi'an, Xi'an
Undertake unit: Construction ministry science and technology develops stimulative center, a thousand years to exhibit advertisement to engineer limited company
Assist run an unit: Evening paper of Shaanxi TV station, Xi'an TV station, Xi'an

[The 3rd lives rich is met 5 big characteristic]

1, norms class is high, ministry, province, municipal government is in charge of a branch to be sponsorred jointly, hold a symposium, have authority extremely;

2, exhibit brand-new sex of innovation of program, full-court is packed, atmosphere is enthusiastic, have appeal extremely;

3, ginseng extend a trade extensive, main stimulative customer and house property enterprise, consumer and each service unit (orgnaization of bank, intermediary, law) , estate company and unit of form a complete set communicate deep, provide extremely practical;

4, offensive of social public opinion, propaganda is more powerful, undertake in numerous media ahead of schedule all-around propagandist report, have resounding sex extremely;

5, wonderful activity is promoted clinch a deal, "Club of the person that buy a house " , " western live rich will be professional service orgnaization is allied " strong thrust Jian, have actual effect sex extremely.

[Ginseng exhibit content]

⑴ civil fuel (enrage) fireplace of heating of boiler of boiler, electric heat boiler, family expenses hanging, radiate, bedroom implement, furnace of family expenses water heater, heating, air heats reach humidifier, board form type of all sorts of heat exchanger, high-quality goods radiator, heat exchanger, be born combines the radiator, warm water system central, fanner;

⑵ solar energy centers product of heat addition product, heating of the heat of the earth's interior, floor shoot heating equipment, electric heat and infrared heating equipment to wait;

⑶ family door air-conditioner of air conditioning, refrigeration is group, small-sized in the center of type business uses the air conditioning central, room air conditioning implement, hot pump air conditioning implement; Unit type air-conditioner, facilities of air conditioning terminal, ventilated equipment;

⑷ is relevant and accessary equipment: Radiator is lukewarm accusing a powerful person, building to supply drain off water is aerosol of equipment of all equipment, pump, valve, fan, flow control adjustment, temperature, pressure, discharge, metric liquid equipment of analytic instrument, appearance, village is gas control government beforehand system, control burning gas;
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