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First China (Shenzhen) air conditioning reachs exhibition of form a complete set
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Begin time: 2002-6-13
End time: 2002-6-15
Hold a place: Shenzhen
Contact: Ceng Tao, Liu Jun,
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee Guangdong to save branch of Guangdong of chamber of commerce of branch, China International
Undertake unit: Shenzhen city state exhibits exhibition limited company
Assist run an unit: " warm connect air conditioning " " refrigeration technology " " building heat energy is ventilated air conditioning " " clean with air conditioning technology "

Ginseng extend range:

  1. System of central air conditioning, door with system of central air conditioning, purify clean system;

  2. Coil of group of machine of processor of machine of air-conditioner, cold water, boiler, air, hot pump, new fan, fan, fan, water pump, conduit, prevent smoke evacuation device of facilities of equipment, ventilated equipment, cooling tower, terminal, meterage and energy-saving system;

  3. System of canal of purifying device of condenser, compressor, humidifier, inhaler, air, refrigerator oil, evaporator, heat exchanger, shock attenuation device, wind, insulation material, expand cistern;

  4. Equipment of system of air conditioning conduit, lukewarm wet control, supervisory system, (temperature, pressure, humidity, discharge) controller;

  5. Control equipment and system, environment is measured accuse machine of take a breath of system, new wind, warning apparatus to wait;

  6. Equipment of equipment of valve and intelligent appearance, fittings, testing instrument, timer, transducer, sensor, water treatment, maintenance, energy-saving transform, Lou Yu accuses to reach software design to wait oneself;

  7. System of central air conditioning, purify clean system development, design, installation, safeguard reach maintain the company image that waits for an unit, project and technology are revealed and publicize.

Contact means
Contact: Ceng Tao, Liu Jun,
Contact an address: Shenzhen city east door north road C of center of 1006 happy peaceful 2007 rooms
Zip code: 518003
Fax: 0755-5191050
Connect a telephone call: 0755-5191695

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