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Humidifier changes personally element of Olympic Games of be current of home app
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Grab Olympic Games business chance to contend for, home appliance manufacturer reachs material to go up character in design of home appliance exterior made a text.

3 days, the reporter is in beauty of country of road of river of Urumqi city money the Tang Dynasty electric equipment sells interview discovery, a humidifier, appearance design looks very picture " auspicious cloud torch " , still a humidifier was become by the design of miniature " water is cubic " .

Additional, su Ning electric equipment sells a computer that sells in field, decorative pattern of design of lead plane exterior is exactly like " bird's nest " .

Fang Qihui of controller of sale of brand of some home appliance says store of beautiful electric equipment of nation of July 1 a shop making and selling sauce: "Because home appliance of a few brands blends in Olympic Games element, the sale of 78 month increases apparently, finished sale job grows 20% compared to the same period. "

"The citizen chooses electric equipment now, except pay attention to practical outside, also pay attention to more environmental protection, energy-saving, the home appliance that blends in Olympic Games element accordingly is special get attention. " Lu Jiang of Liu of salesperson of some brand microwave oven says Su Ning electric equipment, this brand is new appear on the market " China is red " sale status of series microwave oven is first-rate.

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