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Hangzhou: Home appliance " pollute 2 times " accident and ecbolic new business c
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Yesterday (8 years on June 23) , hangzhou is highest temperature 27 Celsius. Although be apt to the intense heat of summer with respect to 37 Celsius, 38 Celsius still is done not have in Hangzhou person impression,come truly, but from the country chain of a few home appliance sells beautiful, Su Ning, 5 stars the feedback of field in light of, the enthusiasm that Hangzhou person purchases air conditioning still is resided do not fall high, air conditioning sale lasts " blowout " . Still have disinfectant of all sorts of air conditioning carbon fin in the supermarket with what sell an air conditioning to sell one on fire to explode. Humidifier of cleaner of air conditioning disinfectant, washing machine chamfer, air, air purifier increasing the new product that pollutes 2 times in the light of home appliance, begin to enter the line of vision of Hangzhou person.

Air conditioning " pollute 2 times " highlight increasingly

"As and other places of Beijing, Shanghai central air conditioning ' wash by force your ' come on stage in succession, hangzhou person is right of air conditioning ' pollute 2 times ' begin to take seriously rise. A lot of consumer that will sell a choose and buy air conditioning are very much now metropolis conveniently asks next air conditioning clean a problem, this sees two years rarely afore. " the relevant controller of Zhejiang nation beautiful electric equipment expresses. Hangzhou person begins to take the backside that air conditioning cleans seriously in succession, it is air conditioning " pollute 2 times " what becoming health of minatory Hangzhou person is new " killer " . The relevant statistic data of national statistic bureau shows, our country has become the state with most user of the air conditioning on the world, every 100 families have a quantity on average to achieve 87.8% . Meanwhile, our country also is " air conditioning is ill " the nation with top incidence of a disease. Can the data of evidence is, before long Shanghai is opposite of air conditioning system before special investigation shows, the bacterium colony on carbon fin of family expenses air conditioning is counted, more than times of the standard of the air conditioning central that the country establishs more highest. A clinical investigation also discovers dermatological department of ten hospitals of Shanghai, because family expenses air conditioning pollutes those who cause the disease such as skin allergy, occupy unexpectedly come here of kind of patient gross 5 into the left and right sides.

"Because be of hot exchange of empty air cooling,need the place of classics, the dirt in air, bilge is accumulated ceaselessly above, plus the damp environment that air conditioning condenser water creates, guide pathogenic bacteria breeds in great quantities very easily, carbon fin is becoming the bacterium with the biggest air conditioning recessive pollution source. " the relevant chief of area of Hangzhou of brand of a famous air conditioning says.
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