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The Olympic Games, newly-married a group of things with common features becomes
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Beijing Olympic Games is about to kick off, a lot of youths begin to side with bridal advancement of the dream, buy a house, decorate, pat marriage gauze to illuminate, buy home appliance to undertaking in one pace, olympic Games marriage is celebrated also let fire of home appliance market indeed. Recently, the reporter visits a few electric equipment of Xi'an city to sell the discovery after field, gules home appliance held the commodity proportion of nearly 20% about, arrive greatly freezer air conditioning, small to microwave oven. Traditional " China is red " and " rosy " begin to appear increasingly on the category of traditional home appliance such as freezer, washing machine, color television, home appliance manufacturer spread out " gules " sale. In this consumption upsurge, the report of hutch of sea Er suit that the exterior designs elegant, style to unite, wrap around personally festival " coat " , brand-new functional Ge Lanshi " China is red " series product, becoming numerous new personality to seek the new target that hold in both hands.

Newly-married a group of things with common features becomes home appliance to consume brunt

"The comparison that marries this year is much, bridal chamber is decorated should match new home appliance necessarily, market flourishing nature is very normal also. " Ms. Zhang represents department of market of Su Ning electric equipment, newly-married home appliance also makes the brunt product that home appliance sold an outstanding achievement growth 2008 with respect to take advantage of an opportunity, the sale of 8 large category is compared the corresponding period had apparent growth last year.

A lot of people know, of freezer, air conditioning grow considerably have seasonal element, the fervent much of kitchen electric equipment is by marry tide is caused. "One part reason is because decorate,mix because of kitchen electric equipment put, need to be bought ahead of schedule; Because the position that in whole the home holds highlights the kitchen with each passing day,another part reason may be, alleged ' love is in kitchen ' , more and more young newlywed person take marriage hind seriously prepare food environment. " Ms. Zhang say.

The reporter interlinks relevant controller to be in from national beautiful electric equipment also understand, in activity of summer vacation sales promotion, the microwave oven of each inn below banner of national beautiful electric equipment, take the kitchen such as ark of lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas, disinfection the sales volume growth of common electric equipment is apparent. Meanwhile, the reporter discovered a special appearance in interview: To the brand concentration spends taller microwave oven, take the product such as lampblack machine, the growth of individual and well-known trademark particularly apparent. Particularly notable is, a series of special be identical that Ge Lanshi rolls out marry the product of festive atmosphere " China is red " , of before its two months clinch a deal quantity relatively amplitude of the corresponding period was very tall last year. At present already Yang Re discloses the controller of microwave oven of Shaanxi Ge Lanshi that all fronts enters high-end microwave oven to supply, in coming true to rose in the round 2007 high-end microwave oven is had after rate, 2008 " China is red " series microwave oven have the aid of " Olympic Games marriage is celebrated " 1 million are broken through in the sales volume of Chinese market, continue dominant vogue consumes the mainstream.
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