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When does sea of market of children home appliance clean out sand to see true go
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61 Children's Festivals should arrive immediately, the businessman of management juvenile products is be eager for doing sth already, in preparing to throw baby to consume battle, add June 1 is weekday this year, various sales promotion activities also appear in provincial capital each are big bazaar, sell in field. Recently, a few home appliance that the reporter visited provincial capital sell, discovery once was moved toward for a time low market of confused children home appliance did not let off this section to celebrate business chance, give " flower " with bounty of science and technology moist.

Bounty of science and technology spreads Tong Zhen world

The reporter discovers in visit, many electric equipment brands besides do in 61 a few buy outside giving an activity, still rolled out the home appliance product that is aimed at children technically, the series of baby of health beautiful motion that rolls out like Kang Jia, it is the liquid crystal TV of bedroom of a children, clipper-built motion design, portable frivolous airframe, the indication effect of sixfold brilliant clear, a variety of color can offer an alternative, added not little Tong Qu for children bedroom. In interview, a few parents express, conditional word, can choose an appropriate TV for the child, let children room look to have contemporary flavor more.

Enter information period, the child nowadays had a contact to computer for the most part, those who make the parent anxious is a network in open children eye shot while the possibility that also makes them myopic increases. The monitor of some brand designed the base that can adjust indication height and angle at any time, but as the growing basis of children its height circumstance undertakes modulatory, avoid the happening of children myopia circumstance thereby.

Be aimed at a large number of bad news that computer brings, at present a few brands were rolled out advocate the computer that makes educational application. If associate computer of table of domestic Yue S, can monitor the child to use the case of computer in real time, still can turn over Huang Gongneng through the network, filter effectively a few undesirable websites, avoid such as admires to be opposite according to the bad news such as the door of child psychology erode, build a pure network world to children thereby.

Search parting childhood

A few years ago, the children home appliance with lively, lovely exterior gives colour the eye shot of people is medium now, created industry of cable of one Taoist school to shine indeed beautiful scenery line, although final with " applaud not draw a large audience " wind up the matter hastily, but a few richer originality, more in according with the design element that modern vogue lives to be applied at home appliance product, allowing market of adult home appliance also is window frequency goes out, pattern is ceaseless.

Sell in a few home appliance of provincial capital, the reporter always can see the cartoon edition small home appliance that lets a person shine at the moment, monitor of formative of the electric meal Bao of exterior of the lamp shielding an eye of edition of the humidifier of Little Bear edition, 12 any of the twelve animalses, football, animal... bright-coloured color, lovely modelling, always can let a person be in in numerous black and white home appliance take a fancy to them, allow a few people forgetting to return that still retain childlike.
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