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Remind: Of partial home appliance " disinfect " the function is stunt
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Latter, the occurrence of brothers mouth disease, make because contain,disinfect the home appliance such as ark, microwave oven, purifier disinfect a function and become sell a site. But concerned personage reminds, of partial home appliance " disinfect " the function is stunt, when the citizen is bought, should notice to see its relevant and wholesome certificate.

18 days, the reporter is in meet unexpectedly of Su Ning electric equipment Ms. Wang that comes round to buy alexipharmic ark. Ms. Wang says, oneself are managing " small table " , be in charge of the lunch of 30 many students. Because brothers mouth is ill recently popular, for the child healthy, she plans to buy ark of a disinfection, give the child's tableware disinfection. Manage " square too " the staff member of brand disinfection ark tells a reporter, as people sanitation ideal buildup reachs the fall of value of home appliance product, in more and more homes that disinfected ark to walk into average citizen, now popular whole kitchen, alexipharmic ark cooperates cooking range, smoke the whole set such as lampblack machine to sell, very get new personality reception.

Outside dividing alexipharmic ark, the tableware that has a few brands protects machine of clean ark, purifier, clean water to waited to also be hit " disinfection " , " disease-resistant bacterium " wait for a concept. Tableware of power division brand protects the staff member of clean ark to express when promote, installation has an ozonizer inside the cabinet, can kill grape coccus, coliform organisms to wait, have alexipharmic effect, pollution does not get when making tableware is deposited. But when the reporter asks to examine relevant certificate, the staff member looks for reason evade however. The reporter saw a few purifier, freezer as much, although promote personnel to make clear when the introduction,have " disinfection " function, do not offer however give effective certificate.

As we have learned, sterilize a product should according to " alexipharmic government measure " regulation, obtain corresponding license. When the choose and buy disinfects ark, answer to demand the wholesome license that produces a business to distributors, notice to examine the content that disinfects ark manual or label even. Once consumer discovers what exaggerated conduct propaganda or tableware disinfection ark prove without relevant sanitation to tableware protects clean ark, can complain to door of Ministry of Public Health.

Clerk of industrial and commercial department of Wei lane city expresses, partial home appliance did not have the manufacturing level that disinfects a respect now, the freezer of a few brands, microwave oven, humidifier place hits " disinfect " conduct propaganda is stunt more, when the citizen is bought, should notice to see relevant certificate.

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