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Home appliance: Sales promotion gift cannot make up the number with inferior goo
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From last year second half of the year begins, because raw material rises in price,pressure increases ceaselessly, a lot of businessmen abandoned price war changing gift to battle, "Buy send sales promotion " grow in intensity. General the home appliance of 1000 yuan of above can have gift, small to a pail of edible oily, big to a microwave oven.

"Buy liquid crystal flat to send DVD " , " buy Bao of soup of air conditioning power transmission " ... to such sales promotion language, believe a lot of people are not new.

Nowadays, "Buy give namely " the important instrument that already made businessman sales promotion, but the discovery after a few consumer take gift, gift does not have a brand, also do not have manufacturer mark, the businessman also does not provide after service, some connect bill to be done not have even.

Buy home appliance not to puzzle for gift

Buy home appliance not to puzzle for gift

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Gift quality makes a person anxious

"How be Bao of power transmission soup? My home has had two. " recently, the author saves a home appliance of Zhongshan city to sell in Guangdong hear a middleaged woman to sending complaint. This lady tells the author, she is in new residence just was moved before the Spring Festival this year, bought the home appliance such as TV of air conditioning, freezer, liquid crystal, home appliance sells there is Bao of an electricity boiling water in 3 when give small home appliance, feel very practical at that time.

"I bought a washing machine today, gotten gift still is Bao of electric boiling water. Bao of electric boiling water does not have brand name, outer packing is box of paper of a wampee, imprinting above " is advanced the model of written characters of " of Bao of violet arenaceous soup. " middleaged woman forced smile is worn say. The author sees in the spot, bao of very pallet electric boiling water packs box to although Yin Yousheng produces the name of manufacturer and address,go up, but indicate without the brand, crust of Bao of electric boiling water is pure white aluminous carapace, without any adornment design and colour. "How is this kind of gift handled! Should do " favor " to send a person to feel to not be at ease, refuse hate to part with again, bazaar also does not serve as a proof to any receipt, once who give a problem to search? " middleaged woman complains.

Not come singly but in pairs, a friend of the author also has encountered similar problem. Last year during National Day, the friend bought a 32 inches homebred flat color television, obtain give a DVD. Although the brand of DVD never has heard of, but because be " come in vain " , the friend still feels at that time " hold out a value " . But DVD just used a month, begin frequent ground occurrence problem. The friend is obliged to taking DVD to go home appliance sells appeal. The member that sell a sales promotion says however, gift occurrence problem can be maintained, but charge should pay by consumer. Because gift is the thing with gratuitious manufacturer,this is, if consumer does not like, need not want.
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