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Home appliance puts on festival red jacket to deduce " Chinese wind "
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Celebrated director Zhang Yi is sought hold guided film of much ministry bear the palm, " Qiu Ju engages in a lawsuit " , " bright red lantern is hanged high " etc, great reputation is gained on international moviedom. Among them the film that a deep-seated reason is him has Chinese flavor, the Oriental lasting appeal that gives way of one cultivate land appears in cinematics, namely element of so called China. Home appliance industry also is in be current China nowadays element, many home appliance that have white only before put on festival red jacket nowadays.

A reporter sells to see in home appliance, many home appliance are tasted newly used festival red, wine is red, scarlet, pink etc, small to stewpan of humidifier, report, microwave oven, arrive greatly freezer, color television, air conditioning, can see gules figure entirely. The color television of the air conditioning of force of the freezer of rich world, division, SamSung all has red new fund to display among them, quite provoking eye. Sea Er, beautiful, division force also rolled out the air conditioning with red or rosy wine to be tasted newly, it is the design that increases rich China traditional interest more among them, or wintersweet or landscape line, to originally onefold red increased immanent self-restraint, appear more high and elegant.

The salesperson tells a reporter, the product favour that consumer often contains color to those has add. Because of it distinctive, high temperament suits very much the youth's careful is beautiful now, go up especially century the kid that 80 time are born, prefer also be happy to accept, but slant to the age for big customer, often compare on the choice discreet. The client that marries now for instance needs to buy home appliance, we choose advocate push individualizing home appliance, especially festival gules product, get very easily admissive. The young customer that this moves new home one pair in bazaar here get confirming, xiaoli's couple tells a reporter, choice home appliance the first should see a brand, the 2nd ability is to choose design, put in the home to be able to remove beautification to decorate action, like individualizing home appliance, achieve good-looking practical ability is crucial.

The reporter is in charge of be in understanding to arrive from bazaar air conditioning, more and more consumer tendency buy product of chromatic home appliance, all show vogue, individuation. This year is an Olympic Games year, around the Olympic Games this theme comes make an issue of, manufacturer place rolls out home appliance product to hope to be able to foil a kind of festive atmosphere. Gules, it is festival mark of the Chinese, get naturally be applyinged extensively in the design of home appliance product. Majority customer also gets after the product appears on the market approbate.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, decorate demand to satisfy the individuation of different consumer, home appliance product " color is changed " trend day is highlighted more. The businessman provided very large free and tie-in space for consumer. But, consumer should notice in buying a process, although red is a kind of very congenial color, but style is decorated in what the family should accord with on integral collocation, cannot assemble the home of of primitive simplicity on the gules freezer with contemporary very move, air conditioning, sheet is tasted look to have class very much, put in the home to be able to appear nondescript. The stuff of individual character should be bought according to need, cannot let a businessman temporarily agitate and buy.
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