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If why home appliance consumption holds tide not to fall behind when blood goes
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51 small 3 days, if why hold tide not to fall behind when blood goes all out? In the country the home appliance such as beautiful, 5 stars sells undertook one time making visit:

Flat color television: Big screen is changed

What color television serves as a family is necessary big, on one hand, flat consumes big screen to change apparent, on the other hand, self-identity of completely high-definition color television is spent taller. The reporter understands: Current color television spending is given priority to with big screen of 40 inches of above, 46 inches the most welcome. Advocate the completely high-definition flat that plays Olympic Games idea is agreed with by more and more consumer, 30% what completely high-definition flat has occupied flat to sell.

Ice washs: Energy-saving, healthy, intelligence

Domestic and international manufacturer rolls out new technology and new product in succession, energy-saving environmental protection had become the basic configuration of the product such as refrigerator washing machine. This year freezer more pursuit lasts concept. Xi Menzi, beautiful water chestnut rolled out zero to last functional freezer. In addition, the freezer of a lot of brands still set 3 lukewarm areas, 4 lukewarm areas, 5 lukewarm areas, each lukewarm areas can adjust independently according to food characteristic temperature. In of all kinds electric home appliances Air conditioning: Can I want effect health

Outside dividing refrigeration function, the constant temperature of air conditioning, moisture absorption, air is purified, fight the function such as bacterium more rich. The fashionable type that still a few have ultrathin outward appearance also is loved by consumer.

The setting has the air conditioning of sleep treasure function, make Morpheus more comfortable. On this foundation, a lot of air conditioning still were added clean a function automatically, maintain the clean sanitation of airframe, also made sure indoor airy is pure and fresh and healthy at the same time. And on outer view, the air conditioning this year and compare more frivolous style before.

Hutch defends small home appliance:

Intelligence is changed, individuation abstains food to become a trend

The food treatment opportunity with kitchen small medium this year home appliance will still sell like hot cakes. Of demand of cleaner of humidifier, intelligence increase those who show people to reside life space character to the home to pay attention to. Besides changes in temperature comfortable outside, protecting Shi Hejie also is two gist element completely. Hutch defends home appliance another development trend is colour and modelling more the life that blends in consumer, red, yellow, blue, green wait for airframe color city of face of already big batch.
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