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A large number of small home appliance purchased Hui Cong net on March 24 meetin
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Meeting theme: Product of of all kinds home appliance is hot in purchasing

Purchase cover an industry: Home appliance of small home appliance

Actual strength purchases: Beijing some science and technology expands limited company

Company brief introduction:

My company holds to the enterprise that is service core with demand of family, business to manage a concept from beginning to end, perfect product service structure and fast market report ability satisfied a client increasingly diversity, health is changed, vogue is changed, recreation is changed, the consumptive demand of economization. The company lasts integrated aggrandizement competes in the advantage of territory of existing management service position, what offer more overflow for member, enterprise and family is integrated solution of shopping consumption service and life advantage serve. My company shows advocate battalion life electric equipment, air is purified and product of healthy water home appliance, carry for consumer choice fine choose thousands of kinds of tangible product and consumptive service. Through the market operation that the brand turns, we had built system of efficient channel network in Beijing area, beijing area satisfies a client 48 hours to come to serve demand; The company relies on extensive collaboration to concerned to build powerful channel resource in market of of all kinds fractionize.

The network negotiates meeting time: On March 24 (on Monday) afternoon 14:30

Negotiate place: Detail Http://www.chat.hc360.com/chat/turbine/template/firstview, intro.html? Roomid=9169

Purchase a product:

1) live in small home appliance: Fan of fan of air purifier, humidifier, air conditioning, ceiling fan, fanner, industry;

2) kitchen electric equipment: Water heater of furnace of tea of electric stewpan, electromagnetism, report, kitchen is provided, kitchen of an organic whole of type of pressure cooker of ark of cigarette machine, disinfection, report, family expenses is provided, new-style kitchen intelligent artifacts;

3) big home appliance: Family expenses freezer, freezer

Purchase a requirement:

1) brand product, have perfect after service system

2) supplier reputation is good, the agent must have acting aptitude, have relevant production aptitude

3) 3 card, product produces aptitude

More detail, click please enter < network to negotiate room>

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