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Essential winter, a humidifier only pockets of the Hollow
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Winter arrived, and indoor air started to become exceptionally dry up, and many families used to warm a variety of heating equipment, coupled with very few windows, it is caused by large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor dry more. Long-term effect, many people get up every day all appeared dry sore throat, dry itchy skin, etc., lit the common dry mouth is too dry the interior caused. To alleviate this problem, many friends became humidifier for appropriate adjustments in the humidity of the appliances. But humidifier see more like this map so simple some are very rare. This humidifier called the Hollow, the Chinese translated as "pockets, empty hole", by One Tenth "tenth," the toy design studio release, is divided into two black and white. Name means coupled with the design point of view, strictly speaking, should only be a hollow base design with pockets, but it can be said is a complete electrical, and very material savings. The base is also the use of specially designed materials unknown crafted, in order to make it work humidifier features are also very simple, just an ordinary plastic bottle of mineral water bottles or Sheung Shui, then buckle down to the top of this base. Base will slowly take away the water bottle, and then bring the water into steam released. The whole design very environmentally friendly and cost savings.
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