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Novel concept of small home appliances of "instant noodles" humidifier
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Very dry winter air environment, the damage to the skin is also relatively large, particularly the loss of indoor heating makes the water a lot, a lot of people use humidifier to increase air humidity. Humidifiers believe we should have a variety of designs are no strangers, and humidifier vases, lanterns humidifier, and we can even see in stores in the "Water Cube" humidifier, but here the author describes the bowl humidifier, ensure that you not seen. Delicious noodles are always busy or lonely people spend a lot of meals to spend time, unforgettable. This designer bowl by the Japanese compact humidifier look cute, do the opening of the "Wangai" Now, out of mist humidifier exposed population, is not it a bit like a steaming bowl of noodles it? Humidifiers use this bowl is very simple, just add hot water, wait about 3 minutes, steam will be continuously released. In addition, it can be powered by the USB interface, or power supply, easy desk to help you get rid of dry air.
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