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Electrolux humidifier EEH350 response measured drying
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With the weather getting cold, heating is also strengthening efforts, careful person would find at home suddenly becomes dry, the skin will also change with the environment, becomes dry and inflexible, has recently Xiaobian heard a lot of friends that complain. Can not be said of small changes in the skin surrounding the small environment-related, how can we change this situation? Around you or put a pot on the desk, or put in the radiator of a water box, so the water will transpiration into the air, but the effect of these approaches are too limited, how should we do? Of course there are ways, humidifier is the most direct and effective small appliances, general humidifiers are generally not very expensive, and this is the reason it is selling. In the winter, humidifiers and heaters as a fixed partner as in front of people, both are subject to everyone's attention. Now humidifier designs tend to be more fashionable, simple design is greatly appreciated so that consumers can not only wet, but also decorate the home, serve two purposes, is a good choice. Mainstream products on the market today is the ultrasonic humidifier, it is through the mist to the air shock wave, so that the wetting effect is obvious, but it has certain requirements for water quality, and we need time to clean. Ya all have launched their own beauty humidifiers, all have their own fixed consumer groups, we may wish to choose when purchasing. As big brands of small appliances, Electrolux launched their own products as of today we give the actual test a Xiaobian Electrolux humidifier EEH350, wetting effect in the end to see how it is! Electrolux humidifier EEH350 design with a strong classical beauty, its blue and white porcelain with antique design, vase-like shape, smooth lines, on the home can be called a work of art. Below the machine and bottlenecks in the water tank with a blue and white pattern, a more elegant appearance of extravagance. Electrolux humidifier EEH350 with the main body of white and light blue colors, giving a quiet and simple beauty, it does not use the knob design, instead of using the touch buttons, operating more stylish, translucent water tank, easy to observe water level changes. Main function Do not ask, the main function of the humidifier or humidity to the dry environment, but because of the small appliances are also gradually diversified functions, like heaters also function with the same fresh air, humidifier will also be a variety of function well together, and that what is unique in this machine do? Electrolux is an ultrasonic humidifier humidifier EEH350, the way is the use of high frequency oscillation, the mist to the air more evenly mist humidifier. Its internal glazed glass nebulizer treatment technology can be effective anti-fouling, and makes it last longer. It is more concerned about this machine that is adding a night light function, in the case of water without separately opening night light and night light in seven colors, loop transformation, of course, you can choose a color you like, in the use at night, will bring you different feeling, to show their extraordinary capabilities. In addition, its internal design of water softener equipment, so you can directly add water, this machine can be water softening, not only easy to clean, and the life of the machine longer. It features advanced noise suppression, can be ultra-quiet operation, but basically this is the design of the humidifier, so the advantage is not obvious. The fog machine volume is adjustable, you can adjust your actual needs and the direction of the machine can adjust the fog, will be more convenient to use, but Xiaobian proposed here, the mouth of the fog well not directly at the people, so as not to affect health.
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