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Favorite stores into multi-functional humidifier cited concern about steriliza
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Accompanied by bursts of wind, Castle substantial cooling, various types of humidifiers have been put on a clear business location. With humidification, and sterilizing functions such as Oxygen humidifier is the emergence of a strong sales momentum. Reporters in the major appliance stores and supermarkets found that the prices of various air humidifier from 100-600 yuan range, most also have sterilization, the use of anion inhibition of bacteria, get rid of formaldehyde and other functions, to provide consumers with a greater choice. Miyun Road, Nankai District, according to a large supermarket sales of home appliances department personnel, since the winter, marked increase in sales of air humidifier, air humidifier has a bactericidal function, especially by young people, especially the "mother" and the young mothers favorite. Humidifier price of around 300 most popular daily sales of up to 10 sets.
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