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Chinas small household electrical appliances Fair Mini humidifier large objects
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Fourth China Fair 2010, small appliances, Huangpu, Zhongshan, Guangdong International Convention and Exhibition Center was held, at the fair by the People's Government of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and the HC network and co-producers from all 426 and 16 000 Home buyers will be 2.5 million square meters of the venue once again the spark of enthusiasm for the collision. Businesses a wide range of products on display are extremely innovative style, the reporter found at the scene at the show a charming little product, giving you three chances to guess what is this? As the saying goes "small but complete" Do not underestimate this small cans shaped like a dwarf. Equipped with USB computer interface for computers and car use. Not only can it be increased ambient air humidity, but also Effectively reduce the dust in the air purifying air. Office workers often sit in the indoor air conditioning, air drying to my skin is always hungry state, appropriate to your skin a drink of water. Family friends are driving May consider selecting a humidifier placed in the mini-car, add your favorite fragrance agent, effective relief driver fatigue.
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