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Where to find the Swiss health air humidifier to help you save trouble the win
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We all know, air is one the most basic living substance. The average day we inhale and exhale more than 20,000 times inhaled into the lungs up to 12,000 liters of air! To health, we focus on food and water, but the vast majority of people on the quality of the air we breathe is indifferent ! You might think the street car to drive to the air quality is not high, but even the air on the streets than the air you breathe in the room 20 times better! 90% of our time indoors, and 10 cubic feet (0.283 cubic M) particles in indoor air to twenty million, the air we breathe every day contains a lot of harmful substances, dust, mites, pollen, animal dander, incense smoke and so on. Dry air is not pure impact on our health Sound very serious, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified as five indoor pollution on human health is one of the most dangerous threats to the environment. Today, more and more people concerned about air quality issues has begun, the weather stations also have "air quality" that an indicator, it is also through a variety of ways to improve indoor air quality, look for healthy air Gas: 1, plant decontamination method Placed in the indoor green plants to improve the environment, such as cactus, spider plants, aloe, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum, and so on. Experts: green plants that are adsorbed contamination, air purification function, but not able to completely remove the pollutants in the air. Plant uptake in the whole process of purifying the air can only play an auxiliary for Use, and can not really protect the body's health. 2, window ventilation method Regular cleaning, regular ventilation, outdoor air into the room, played the role of ventilation. Experts: Regular thorough cleaning of dust in the room is effective, but the ventilation air is actually not a good way. Although you can open the windows because the air blown into the room so that fresh, but in some seasons and most of the land Area, very low moisture content of outdoor air can not effectively warm the indoor air humidity, windows will only make the air drier. 3, the humidifier cleaning method Use a humidifier to increase air humidity, improve air quality, prevent dry skin and prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Experts: Use a humidifier is the right approach, artificial adding water vapor to the air is the most effective way. Humid air can make the air pollutants and particles floating in the proportion of the increase down to the ground, to avoid Inhalation, and thus easy to solve the air problem. But be careful not to have been open 24 hours humidifier because the air in the proper humidity level is 40% -60% humidity is too high will cause people a lot of the same adverse reactions. In summary, the removal of harmful substances in indoor air pollution and most thorough way is humidifier, simple and direct, economic benefits, if and to support the air cleaner, purifier, even more will be multiplied. Humidifier And refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, as most households have become an essential appliance in one. However, faced with all kinds of humidifiers on the market products, how should we choose? Currently on the market can be divided into three categories humidifier, electric heated humidifier, humidifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers pure type. Ultrasonic humidifier which the most suitable for home use, with humidification, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, good stability, high security features, but also can control temperature and humidity control independent of each other, mutual quit Interference. Ultrasonic humidifier, the best guarantee in the brand quality and reputation is the highest rating Star Swiss U7146 portable air humidifier. It is the Swiss PLASTON Group in 2008 launched a global synchronization humidification products, "the world Only the smallest and humidification humidifier can really ", it is compact body, only the palm-sized, but the efficiency is very high humidity, mist particles is small, the operation is also very convenient, just down the daily drink pure water bottles Home can be, in any case can be easily completed. Taiwan and Switzerland as long as the wind of a humidifier, you can easily solve all indoor air problems. From then on, you no longer have to worry about where to find healthy air, the Swiss air to help you save trouble!
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