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Qiu Dong is seasonal should according to air of demand choose and buy implement
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Air conditioning is the part with an essential outfit, but because the summer has neared end now, climate turns gradually cold, greet dry autumn winter season. Accordingly, air implement get the attention of consumer is more.

The relevant personage of ministry of suitable report sale says to the reporter, a few days ago most suffer consumer gay to have dehumidify implement, air purifier, humidifier 3 kinds of products. According to introducing, air purifier, just as its name implies is to be used purify airy. Current air purifier has anion, plasma, activated carbon, HEPAUPA (high density filters) , a variety of types such as smooth accelerant, capture the characteristic of these phyletic purifier, can let air purify get twice the result with half the effort. HEPA high density spends filter material is air purifies a domain to filter advancedly one of material, have very strong purify capacity to dirt. Plasma and anion have to the virus in air exterminate action certainly, peculiar smell of OK and effective purify and the material of contamination high polymer of the generation when decorating. The purifier of activated carbon purifies the effect to the harmful gas such as peculiar smell optimal, also have the capacity of adsorptive bacteria, optimal choice is for the family of the person that smoke to having.

The main effect of humidifier is to increase air humidity, in suiting to be less than the environment of 80 % in air humidity, use. For the family to buying air conditioning, humidifier is product of necessary form a complete set almost. The action of humidifier can make a feeling comfortable not just, still can adding to air wet while wait for content of the bacteria in air, dust, grain undertake filtering depurative, and classics pneumatic device sends wet and clean air to indoor the humidity that improves an environment thereby and clean are spent completely. To the crowd with young constitution, the family that has old person and child especially can prevent flu bug, it is the good helper that clean air maintains healthy physique. And dehumidify implement mix humidifier just contrary, it is to use those who reduce air humidity. A lot of northerly consumer may be right Shenzhen the climate of this seaside city not quite suit, so dehumidify implement it may be said is the good news of these people. The dehumidify that customer can choose different specifications according to his living space implement, in the meantime, dehumidify implement the job is applicable environmental temperature should be in 5 ℃ - 35 ℃ , in wet cold weather also can be used normally.

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