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Appear on the market into crucial act small home appliance who is next
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The RMB appreciates the export outlet pressure that cause increases, acuteness wave motion, sale in domestic market faces raw material price of enterprise of big home appliance and foreign capital manufacturer surround, small electric firm is being sought actively do do greatly strong, increase oneself to fight risk ability -- , one of crucial act that appear on the market to becoming enterprise of numerous small home appliance to develop.

Already appeared on the market the success of the enterprise is run, aroused a few did not appear on the market of enterprise of small home appliance appear on the market desire. Include health treasure electric equipment, Dong Lingkai musical instrument, 10 thousand wait for enterprise of many small home appliance to be in with group, Ge Lanshi itch to try, increase the pace of market of speed army capital in full blast. Who can be the next appears on the market to be bestowed favor on newly? Up the success or failure that how is the existing gene of the enterprise of small home appliance of city sprint deciding to appear on the market?

Ge Lanshi

Progress: Ge Lanshi plans this year the end of the year or next year the beginning of the year lands A. Take the lead in appearing on the market will be microwave oven of its convention industry, additionally life electric equipment does not eliminate to be able to be baled in the future infuse appears on the market company.

Appear on the market successful index:

★ ★ ★ ★

Overview: In recent years, be in occupational after the share of market of domestic microwave oven of nearly 60% , international market portion of 50% above, allow year of sale 20 billion yuan Ge Lanshi is awkward is, gain is not rich and generous. From 2001 Ge Lanshi is gigantic endowment make air conditioning course of study did not bring apparent gain to support, increase the investment of industry of small home appliance ceaselessly to nearly two years, make pressure of feeling of capital catenary equipment. At the same time old rival passes adept capital measure beautifully to quicken pursuant pace ceaselessly, the importance that because high level of this Ge Lanshi realises capital market gradually,develops to the enterprise. By the past evasive, change to now mix actively is dear rise. Can say, ge Lanshi appears on the market below the circumstance of domestic trouble and foreign invasion imperative, at present all things all has, owe east wind only.

Comment on: Put in the malpractice of familial pattern company, the market that to appearing on the market the company asks operates vitrification and be brought into the public to pass test even. Additional, once appear on the market later, the economy that this kind of bubble changes brings about tall canal easily to enter congenial state, excessive attention market prise. Go to public company from household company, structure of administrative framework of Ge Lanshi, equity also urgently farther standard and perfect.
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