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Air purifier guides buy a jewel
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Live in forest of city reinforcing steel bar us, actually special longing breathes fresh air. As the ceaseless improvement of living conditions, people takes health seriously more and more, also be willing to invest health more and more. Family expenses air purifier goes into our home gradually. However a lot of consumer still are put to air purifier have a few doubt, right how the choose and buy is very not Anacreontic. Here is small roc solve one by one for you.

The sort of air purifier
One, filter adsorption: Use porous filter material, if not have spin cotton of cloth, filter paper, fiber, bubble to wait (the filter ability with adsorptive the at present strongest capability spends air filter material for HEPA high density) , medium suspension grain, harmful to air gas undertakes adsorption, purify air thereby.

2, electrostatic dust collection: Through corona discharge makes the contaminant in air electrified, use dust collection device to catch market electrified particle, achieve purify air purpose.
3, compound model: Use at the same time filter and electrostatic remove dust means purifies air.
Tell from the principle, it is certain that 3 kinds purify air means to have to indoor air purify ability, but in be being used actually, the product on the market uses the effect however each are not identical, how is this to return a responsibility?

The influence purifies the element of the effect
Filter material -- , super- purify the effect by force to come from at high grade filter material. The filter material that uses normally is put in a variety of confine, if not have,spin cloth, filter paper to wait to want to assure to be connected very well already appear a gender, can filter effectively in order to want the harmful material in air, both is very difficult give attention to two or morethings; Although active carbon has very strong adsorptive capacity, but very easy saturation, as the deposit of contaminant, purify the effect to drop apparently.

Fan -- , the wind force of efficient pass in and out that purifies efficiency to come from Yu Jiang interest. No matter which kinds purify means, want air to pass purifying device, this has good air to circulate with respect to requirement purifier, and the energy source that fan is circulatory system, because want to reduce noise, accordingly, the most purifier on the market uses the fan with inferior power, affected thereby purify efficiency.

How to choose air purifier
Above all, ought to consider to use environment and the result that should achieve. If indoor soot pollution is heavier, optional choose removes dust the effect relatively the air purifier of beautiful. HEPA high density spends filter material is current and indoor air purifies the air with the most advanced domain to filter one of material, can well filter and adsorptive 0. Contaminant of 3 micron above, it is right soot, but virus of inspiratory grain content, bacterium has very strong purify ability, and catalytic active carbon is harmful to peculiar smell gas purifies the effect relatively beautiful, at the same time purifier should have the capacity that exterminates a bacteria.
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