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Use humidifier opportunely
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Reader grandson young lady: As Qiu Dong's dry and seasonal arrival, humidifier also more and more the choice that makes a lot of families. Do I want to be consulted buy humidifier to want what to respect note? Use on have small key?

Xiaoding: Give advice or comments according to the expert inside course of study, the choose and buy should carry the professional brand that the country approves above all.

Because home does not have ” of “ humidifier occupation standard at present, there are a lot of a less known and inferior brands on the market humidifier and the products of a few bogus famous brand that pasting famous brand enterprise, quality is uneven, cause consumer to discern hard, quality and security also obtain safeguard hard. The professional brand that the country must choose to approbate when buying just has safeguard.

Of course, choose and buy when returns so that decide to buy which kind of kinds according to oneself need humidifier. The domestic appropriate that we suggest to have a child is bought purify model humidifier.

Humidifier is divided roughly mix for ultrasonic humidifier purify model humidifier two kinds. The oscillation of frequency of supersonic wave height that ultrasonic humidifier basically uses every second 2 million times, exceed melt into of water element mist particle child diffuse with negative oxygen ion to air in, achieve add equably wet.

Purify model humidifier uses molecular sieve to evaporate technology and technology of air of water act catharsis, adding wet while still can be opposite content of the bacteria in air, dust, grain undertakes filtering depurative.

So special apply to the family that has old person and child to use, still can prevent winter flu bug.

Use humidifier still has a few small key, here we instruct you a few court.

1, prevent a grippe

In humidifier cistern according to 1: The scale of 20 is joined board fluid of inject of Lan Genchong agent, cordate houttuynia perhaps fights fluid of virus profess to convinced.

2, antiseptic

On a few vinegar are added in humidifier.

3, alleviate children n&v snuffle

On a few toilet water are added in humidifier.

4, improve Morpheus quality

Lavender essence oil is added in humidifier.

5, beautiful white skin

Join in cistern 3, 4 citric essence are oily.

6, slow larynx is painful with chronic pharyngitis

Weak salt solution is added in cistern.

Besides a few kinds of afore-mentioned function, add in the bedroom wet still can protect wooden furniture to not be out of shape, prevent the wall craze that just brushed; Humidifier is placed beside computer, can keep clear of electrostatic; Humidifier leaves to won't drop tear when cutting onion. And put in a suitable place to breed in cistern a few goldfish, still can beautification your bedroom Oh.

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