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Small home appliance has big use
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One respecting small home appliance, what everybody thinks of generally is the function on their manual, but press its working principle is fine fine consider, retry try, you perhaps can discover amazedly, product of every small home appliance has big use.

Humidifier: Does Piao hole carry on his shoulder or back?

The function of humidifier depends on increasing indoor humidity not just, it still has a lot of accessary function 

■ magical function skill:

1. is in humidifier cistern according to 1 ∶ the scale of 20 is joined board fluid of profess to convinced of fluid of inject of La Genchong agent, cordate houttuynia or disease-resistant poison, can prevent a grippe effectively.

The drop in 2. humidifier enters lavender essence oil, can improve Morpheus quality.

3. adds oil of 34 citric essence in cistern, can adjust to arriving since woman skin action, and can beautiful white.

Weak salt solution is added in 4. cistern, but slow and guttural painful reach chronic pharyngitis.

Humidifier is put on the side of 5. computer, can keep clear of electrostatic.

Microwave oven: Does dumpling say to seek = ≈  ?

Cook, heat, defrost, drying, the function of microwave oven is true still many, want intention ascertain to consider only, these functions can have very great help to daily life. Especially of microwave oven heat quickly function, can undertake alexipharmic antiseptic job; And also can be inside short time water boil, can achieve antiseptic effect again.

■ magical function skill:

1. disinfects feeder and dishcloth: Have infantile family, disinfecting feeder is everyday work greatly. And microwave oven can be competent this job. 7 minutes of full water will be added in feeder, with last since velar bag, nipple is put in the container of water, rise to prevent float, wait with small salver pin, heated one minute or so to complete this project with microwave oven.

When 2. has a guest to pay a visit, serve a hot towel, meet your person have the feeling of guests feel at home. Want to twist an abluent short-haired pelt towel only dry, with last since velar bag, heat one minute with respect to OK.

After 3. general dishcloth is abluent, in loading polybag, heat, can achieve clean, antiseptic result. Take the advantage of hot air, be a clean rag that can use at any time.

Of 4. tableware antiseptic and tepid: Microwave oven still can use the dinner service that disinfection uses daily. After bath is over, need not wipe, put into microwave oven to heat directly. The need before some tableware are being used is tepid, also can use microwave oven to undertake. But the dinner service that has metallized thread or meticulous pattern and material are qualitative thinner cup, still avoid to use microwave oven as far as possible.

Hair dryer: Reside a good helper

Hair dryer is the small home appliance with every necessary family almost, but most person takes it to blow only blow a hair. Actually, in the life, hair dryer still is the good helper that the family nurses, you might as well try.
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