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Humidifier makes warm winter life moister
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Warm winter air is dry, a kind of small home appliance that is called humidifier is conspicuous, but many citizens do not have too much understanding to humidifier, here the connoisseur raises action — for you—

The Changsha of warm winter, air is drier than in former years, many bazaar humidifier sell like hot cakes. But average citizen does not have too much understanding to humidifier. Not long ago, our newspaper " winter of humidifier force gram is asked for integratedly " after one article appears in the newspaper, many citizen incoming telegrams consult the relevant knowledge of humidifier. Our newspaper specially invites Yadoujia Yu Tengda of vise general manager of the Dong Xiaole of general manager of the division in Shi Qihua, electric equipment that connect Cheng gives directions to consumer.

What place needs humidifier?

A lot of readers ask, hunan air is general moist, still need to use humidifier? Dong Xiaole of general manager of the division in Shi Qihua expresses Yadoujia, in fact, many families warm in winter use air conditioning, report implement etc, the easy that humidity needs under human body far is mixed moderately healthy level. Although the air outdoor compares south northward and wet, but the course checks discovery: Dry degree and boreal variance fasten indoor airy not big. Especially winter, send when continual sirocco when office is indoor, indoor and average relative humidity has 10 % ~ only 15 % left and right sides, the skin that makes us feels unusually dry, thirsty get angry. Scientific test proves, life is 50 % ~ in relative humidity alive in the environment of 60 % most feeling is cozy, the health of human body of dry bedroom air influence and easy are measurable. Accordingly, conditional domestic winter had better use humidifier.

What person needs filling water?

A lot of readers ask, what crowd needs humidifier most? Dong Xiaole sells feedback circumstance to analyse according to Hunan market, female, baby, old person and company white-collar this 4 large crowds are humidifier the mainest use crowd. Inferior wait for brand humidifier, add wet function very constant, indoor humidity control is between healthy 45%RH-65%RH, improve indoor air quality effectively, for filling water of air conditioning room, the life that creates health for family and company and working environment. What need humidifier most is baby and old person, the ply that darling skins has adult only very one of, extremely delicate, moisture of light prediction of a person's luck in a given year, suit very hard to the change of the outside so. Weather is dry, the skin rises easily skin, weather-shack, the person that weigh produces chap likely, cause ache. Accordingly, the skin of darling yearns for more alimentary; The old person drops because of immune force, need a moist, healthy surroundings more, ensure the health of respiratory tract; Actually the man also needs. Because the man ignores what skin to oneself to maintain, receive the dry weather harm to skin more easily. Winter is the skin dry the most apparent season, expert proposal man also should learn a lady to fill wet the ability that protects skin, the humidifier that buy a station cares him.
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