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Summer bewares home appliance pollutes a source into the life
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Nowhere is not in the bacterium, summer wants to prevent especially.

The surface of every day object in domestic environment, often have spend bacterial pollution again, crock of tooth brush, bath, dishcloth, chopping board and kitchen knife are most serious, but these are people place easily to take seriously, and the wholesome a spot as yet untouched by a political movement that the electric home appliances
Washing machine should prevent fungus spore: Full automatic the amount of spore of the fungus inside washing machine is morer than semi-automatic washing machine. Wash the dress so, should discharge the water in empty washing machine in time, open wide till cap is dry; The clothings after cleaning is worn after the insolation below sunshine, can use alexipharmic ark or clothings disinfectant conditionally; Best hand washs underwear.

Air conditioning and humidifier should prevent the mould that raise Bao and army group bacterium to appear: Ventilated and the moisture of weather, fuggy, undesirable the possibility that raised fungus breed. Army group bacterium criterion parasitism is in the establishment surface such as all sorts of fountainhead, conduit. Precautionary measures is annual before starting air conditioning for the first time, want the screen pack air conditioning, humidifier store cistern and the conduit that all air pass undertake be cleaned thoroughly and be alexipharmiced. The method is to use clear water to rinse, use the sick at heart of second crossing oxygen with suitable scale to immerse next, reoccupy clear water is abluent OK.

Cleaner should prevent mite bug and fungus: Of cleaner filter cloth with soft nap is filled up and dirt retention bag takes ability to the block of petty grit low, the strong attraction function that provides in aspiration when aspiration falls to arrive from vent gush through flannelette in air. Precautionary measures is to change in time filter mat of cloth with soft nap, reduce dirt to pass.

Phone confidential prevents flu virus to wait cause disease microbial: Branch of wholesome epidemic prevention detects on public phone a variety of 40 bacteria that gave the disease such as liver of flu, n/med tuberculosis, second, diphtheria, whooping cough and virus. Family expenses phone is better, but often also had better disinfect processing, wipe the handle of the phone and mike with disinfectant of low pH indicator regularly.

Freezer should prevent colonitis of bacterium of cold corruption of bacterium of 3 lines hook, be addicted to, small intestine Ye Er bacterium: Freezer can not make the bacterium dies, and a few bacteria still can grow below microtherm progenitive, edible of the ability after the food that takes out from freezer so heats thoroughly.

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