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"Winter air conditioning is ill " begin popularity
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Yesterday (on December 25, 2007) , the reporter understands from center of each hospital emergency treatment, urticant patient of disease of near future respiratory tract and skin Sao is increasing, the doctor thinks, become cold except weather human body not quite outside suiting, still basically be in winter with people undeserved use air conditioning is concerned.

Yesterday afternoon, ms. Wang with all along very good body comes to the hospital austral Wu Dazhong because of frequent cold, she tells him reporter to always catch a cold recently, good do not have a few days to be able to be sent again. She sees a doctor to the hospital, want to find out the reason of frequent cold. After this courtyard doctor is checked, without discovery its body has why problem, through the inquiry, doctor analysis uses air conditioning with its undeserved have very big concern, those who think she is gotten is ill ” of “ winter air conditioning.

In south doctor of Chairman Zou Shiqing says hospital breath internal medicine, since entering a winter, cold-blooded king lady often is opening air conditioning to sleep in the evening, still move temperature very high, close door window, feel to sleep so comfortable, can enjoy the feeling that age sleeps. The ambient air with airtight room of little imagine air conditioning is not current, those who suit a variety of bacteria, virus live progenitive, add difference in temperature to greaten, the person's resistance drops, the respiratory tract disease such as very easy head cold. In addition, the skin of winter person is original dry, if open air conditioning for long to warm oneself, of air conditioning take wet function not only the humidity in can reducing air greatly, still can accelerate human body moisture to volatilize, make sebaceous glands is secreted decrease, easy bring about dry sex dermatitis.

In addition, it is long inside the room that close, poisonous and harmful gas cannot seasonable eduction, meeting occurrence dizziness, afflictive sense is returned after entering human body, force of human body immunity also can be reduced greatly.

Temperature of air conditioning of doctor proposal winter with 25 degrees advisable, air conditioning had better not open pass the night. Should notice to often open a window ventilated, let a room maintain clean sanitation, reduce the contaminative source of the disease. A water had better be put in the room, or use humidifier alleviates airy is dry.

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