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Winter uses home appliance to have small key
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In last few days the chill that cold air made people cogent experience a winter, the report in the home is warm implement when waiting for winter to arrive to send use greatly again with small home appliance. How is the winter used with small home appliance and maintain, use undeserved meeting to cause what consequence, the way to do sth of this within is true still many. A few kinds of winter were published here the note of commonly used electric equipment, hope to be helped somewhat to you.

After opening bath bully first, turn on the water

In last few years, as bath bully of the user gradually grow in quantity, by bath bully caused explosive incident also has add without decrease. If the bath of your home bully still do not have open to use, had better be in before enabling will the circuit of bath bully, bulb is checked. Look for a colder weather, will bath bully open moves 35 minutes, see whether normal movement. Very long trashy bath bully, warm bubble opens easy explosion suddenly, when if catching up with you,bathing, be afraid be about person. Bath bully is used in daily life, should note these problems:

Above all, bath bully had better be opened first when using, turn on the water again. Before can bathing so, pull the temperature of the bathroom tall, in addition, vapor does not enter machine interior, can prolong the life of the machine, also can reduce risk.

Next, water gush shower bath cannot be used when bath bully, if use water gush to drench, may cause power source short circuit to wait for danger. After washing bath to be over, do not put out bath bully immediately, after waiting for the humidity inside the bathroom to be discharged, close again machine, can lengthen bath bully service life.

Humidifier should add cool boiled water

Winter is dry, a lot of families use humidifier to improve room humidity. Concerned expert warns customer, humidifier uses undeserved Yi Ke to cause disease, the following notices when using:

1. arthritis, diabetic careful with air humidifier. The illness with humid can aggravating arthritis, diabetic air. If this kinds of patient needs to use humidifier to reduce the happening of complication of a few respiratory tract really, answer to discuss to communicate with specialized subject doctor, decide appropriate humidity.

2. humidifier should change water everyday, and best a week is cleaned, in order to avoid water medium microbial distribute in air.

3. had better not add tap water humidifier directly. The chloric atom in tap water and microbial pollution is caused in letting air of water mist inbreathe likely. Accordingly, humidifier had better add cool boiled water.

The position that 4. humidifier puts wants to notice, the meeting when ultrasonic humidifier open is ejective Leng Wu, when using, should avoid to leave human body too close, in case catch a cold catchs a cold. Report heats model what humidifier releases is hot vapour, want to prevent scald. In addition, relative humidity is higher near humidifier, the distance that maintains a meter or so had better wait with home appliance, furniture when using, be damaged because of moisture in order to avoid electric equipment and furniture.
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