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Fuji treasure " very beautiful " new student of colour of dazzle of series elect
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The exterior with lightsome small a rope for towing a boat, the colour and lustre of time excessive colour, the design with fruity line... contemporary home appliance already no longer bureau be confined to is black and white in pane world. The progress that produces a technology as home appliance and consumer decorate what individuation asks to rise to household, household is changed, the home appliance that vogue changes is starting to overturn the revolution that traditional home appliance defines. Company of estate of domestic home appliance begins to happen to coincide the look ground focusing is designed in industry, do one's best is brought for consumer have dazzle colour outward appearance namely, hold the home appliance product that provides diversification function concurrently again.

Fuji treasure Liu always releases 3D colour as always as bridge to accuse electromagnetism furnace jointly

Fuji treasure Liu always releases 3D colour as always as bridge to accuse electromagnetism furnace jointly

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It is reported, technology of wall of antimagnetic of Fuji treasure afterwards, PIDT after technology of core of the 3rd acting intelligence, roll out those who lead industry technology new style again " 3D colour accuses a technology " , enjoy from aesthetic, clever experience, character promotes 3 respects, let the drab flat that electromagnetism furnace left to go, and enter three-dimensional and gorgeous, stereo period. This technology is not had through unifinication seam note the model, kind that imposes PET filmy sclerosis to handle, let electromagnetism furnace face plate have super- prevent leakage sex by force, service life rises considerably, and wear-resisting prevents damage, accomplish all previous truly long cover is new. Kiss type is stereo key-press, tactile impression is better, use more get a heart to answer. Was to come true more on colour flowery and changeful, add CD grain key-press, form extraordinary impressions, let you experience comfortable operation between smooth shadow of going from place to place.

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