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Steady progress is main base of progress
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Fosan city electric equipment limited company invests Woermusi three, cover an area of an area 20 thousand with all possible means, build Yu Shunde area of C of new and high science and technology (the) inside garden of apricot world industry, will throw production formally at 8 the end of the year, woermusi Ms. Wen Lizhen of general manager of electric equipment limited company, do poineering work in what come more than 10 years in going all out in work, win come the honor of the address sb respectfully inside an industry -- " business of personal force travel is connected " .

Woermusi general manager of electric equipment limited company: Ms. Wen Lizhen

Woermusi general manager of electric equipment limited company: Ms. Wen Lizhen

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Integrated model specialization mediumly

Fosan city Woermusi electric equipment limited company is to be in " electric equipment of Ou Fangsheng of Fosan city suitable heart is industrial limited company " expand through own innovation development on the foundation, will be engaged in the research development of small home appliance and production all the time for years, professional production " just becomes " , " Woermusi " wait for brand series product, the product enclothes nutrition to recuperate juicer of dish of beater of machine, food, fruit, rice to paper / the breed such as furnace of jug of soya-bean milk machine, fast report, humidifier, electromagnetism, taller reputation is enjoyed in domestic and international person of the same trade.

Company all along inspects product quality to live for the enterprise this, be a client to offer high grade product is our management tenet, with advanced technology and the indefatigable pursuit to quality, execute professional to product production monitoring, use different set product to deploy full-time personnel and special product line to undertake constructional. At present company product already formed design the bright characteristic that material benefit of reliable, price, date of delivery allows beauty of much, modelling, quality.

"Just become " , " Woermusi " product of series of card small home appliance already passed China mandatory (3C) safe attestation, have the honor to win a country multinomial patent. As a result of product model beautiful, craft admirable, on the safe side, after service reachs the designated position and get the blue narrow one's eyes of broad consumer, obtain " consumer letter has gotten a product " title.

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