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Huge section humidifier: Of total heart pay, brand-new feeling
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Limited company of electric equipment of gigantic division of division of Fosan city suitable heart is a professional production humidifier of new generation anion, air is fresh implement the high-tech enterprise that waits for a product. Huge section person captured China to add the historical opportunity of WTO closely, pass the joint efforts of faculty, what realized a company to develop the history to go up 2003 is tremendous span, with trying hard to develop, the matter-of-fact attitude of ceaseless innovation and genuine attitude of attending to guests, the design gives a variety of collect China culture and Euramerican vogue at a suit " beautiful Er beautiful " series anion humidifier, the product is popular whole world.

"Beautiful Er beautiful " series product ME-A28 and ME-A88

"Beautiful Er beautiful " series product ME-A28 and ME-A88

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The manufacturing base that huge section electric equipment has him, abundant productivity and work of a batch of advanced technologies and division. Current, the market is set to extend ministry, layout to develop ministry of ministry, legal general affairs, administration to know ministry, development to design ministry, content shedding to purchase ministry, management to groom below the company the branch such as ministry, financial department, deserve to send in business management of enterprise, content shedding, newer, character ensures products plan and the respect of after service, provided all-around strong safeguard for the partner.

Regard a professional humidifier brand as the enterprise, huge section electric equipment is suitable heart straps the humidifier that sheds a town to implement scale most to produce base. "Beautiful Er beautiful " peculiar products plan concept, perfect manufacturing workmanship and manufacturing facilities offerred perfect technology to support for high grade product. "Give a product to should give high-quality goods more " each new product is joining gigantic division antenatal should pass rigorous testing and comprehensive test. "Beautiful Er beautiful " the healthy air habit that professional humidifier accords with consumer to live, in me state-owned and broad market grows a space, "Beautiful Er beautiful " series anion humidifier got be admissived extensively in domestic sale, use time of cold central heating especially the Beijing with long, dry climate, east the northward market such as 3 provinces, get customer especially love, market prospect is very capacious. Again huge section and user establish extensive connection, excelsior pursuit makes the company is in lead position from beginning to end in the market. Huge section has very inviting advantage on profit allocation, the profit of a humidifier can amount to 3 times above, give agency obligate very large gain space.
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