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Love general loves the home: CP-268 is full automatic air is done machine is new
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Of the seriousness that air pollutes and disease transmission speed accelerate, make the improvement of domestic air quality already extremely urgent. But the purifier product on the market not only costly, and the function is single, it is oversight more air is dry those who bring about is electrostatic float with dirt problem. The price is high also let average household flinch, a sheet filters of purifier, homebred 800, 2000, entrance 1500-4000 yuan, common a quality is relative to good humidifier between 200-500. If purifier and humidifier are had at the same time in a home, should cost 2000-3000 basically yuan.

The market of air purifier runs the state that is a vicious circle at present, although protect healthy consciousness to increase as the annulus of people, purifier market has increased somewhat. But of sales volume finite, the oldest rate restricted next float of the price to adjust, the tall house of the price does not fall, let most family flinch again, in the meantime, northward winter and southern summer, air is dry the feeling to human body, still have than air pollution it seems that big, bring about people to increase to the demand of humidifier, purify product oversight to air.

How to let more family improve air environment, break away from the harm of the environment that pollutes pair of bodies as early as possible, how to develop a material benefit, economic air product?

CP-268 of home of love love general is full automatic air is done machine

CP-268 of home of love love general is full automatic air is done machine

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Love general loves 268 products of the home, be aimed at above problem, of innovation purify air system and add wet system to comprise muti_function product, complemented namely onefold air is purified because air is dry those who bring about is electrostatic in the process with floating dust problem, make so that air purifies not only even wet, and one machine is multi-purpose, make spending more substantial; Hold to the company's consistent cost price principle, it is producer price surely temporarily between 370-420, retail prices suggests to be between 500-800, customer serves on the oldest rate.

In on the design of the product two window, one bolts namely full automatic circular air is done, dozen wet fall dirt. Suck by force filter, except aldehyde antiseptic, add oxygen pure and fresh, sweet gill fungus is added wet wait to do a function automatically circularly, make make sure on the oldest rate airy is improved in the round.

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