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Electric equipment of Fosan Fuji treasure: Labor force is waited for hair achiev
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Limited company of science and technology of electric equipment of treasure of Fosan city Fuji, it is research and development of a market, production, sale the life small home appliance that is an organic whole is new and high technical company.

1998, fuji treasure rolled out the first electromagnetism heat that uses microcomputer technology, broke the pattern of foreign brand unify the whole country, be electromagnetism furnace popularized application to make enormous contribution, after this, furnace of Fuji treasure electromagnetism leads an industry forward position from beginning to end, arrive from generation the 3rd generation " antimagnetic wall " electromagnetism furnace, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, in be as long as 10 years carrying a trade lead position.

In domain of air conditioning fan, fuji treasure is the beginning that opens a trade more, not only take the lead in clean of production of research and development moves fan, maintain a stride to go in industry forward position from beginning to end.

2003, fuji treasure threw the research and development of domain of electric pressure cooker, broke through traditional Piao type structure revolutionarily, development goes the stepless transformation pot that has own intellectual property, gain huge success.

Fuji treasure already had meal of boiler of transformation of furnace of antimagnetic wall electromagnetism, stepless, report now Bao, muti_function fan of water bottle of pump of Bao of food treatment opportunity, fast water, report, humidifier, fanner, air conditioning, warm oneself implement wait for a few old series in all more than 100 products, make a category the home appliance a group army with all ready, abundant technology.

Come 15 years, fuji treasure all previous obtains special honour: Chinese well-known logo, country avoids check product, green energy-saving attestation; Famous brand of national 3C attestation, Guangdong province, Guangdong saves famous label...

2008, fuji treasure and CCTV reach collaboration, become CCTV 2 " cate beautiful guest " the column appoints a partner, field of new show of open health cate. Up to 2008, fuji treasure already had 1500 major to sell a partner in the whole nation, hair of Le Fu of as beautiful as the country, Su Ning, home, Woerma, big profit, good wait for large chain more again the orgnaization is strong strong together, more site of more than 1000 service escorts the Emperor for market sale convoy.

Face international competition, scan widely did not come, fuji treasure is with the brand oriented, advance with strategic sale, from make modelling enterprise transform to sale enterprise, layout whole world, throw with brand-new and strong figure new round of competition, with tripartite confrontation the garden of industry of modern large electric equipment of the situation of the world is about to unplug the ground and case, an industry gigantic naval vessel labor force is waited for hair!
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