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Humidifier GB sends go over a manuscript or draft through authorized before visi
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Grow swift and violent, country in recent years year the giant humidifier industry that sale amounts to millions stage, eventually the market competition situation with hopeful non-standard end.

Beijing Yadouke ability Inc. (next weighing “ inferior ” ) president Wen Hui discloses, participate in the humidifier state draft standard for examination that make to just be passed by orgnaization of numerous enterprise and research, qualitative check authorized, had formed a newspaper to approve draft at present and report a country to standardize administrative committee (next weighing “ GB appoint ” ) , hopeful can be in obtain before the end of the year this year approve and promulgate carry out.

National level should ask for opinion draft ”— to send through “ draft ”—“ normally go over a manuscript or draft — newspaper approves the phase such as draft, humidifier state level has entered the last segment at present.

Come for years, because do not have humidifier state level all the time, quite one part enterprise is aleatoric on conduct propaganda exaggerated function index, make domestic humidifier market at present uneven.

For normative humidifier market, conduct industry development, drive technical progress, GB appoint appoint inferior draft unit of working group group leader as the standard, group electric equipment of a group limited company that the unit includes the United States, A Lade (Beijing) limited company.

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