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Measure of lash-up of safety of building air conditioning already was made
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As enrage heated into summer, ventilated system should throw more and more air conditioning moved. However to prevent epidemic situation, the office place such as a lot of office building that accompany air conditioning system dare not use air conditioning, cannot air conditioning leave really? Organization of ministry of construction ministry, Ministry of Public Health, science and technology concerned an expert to write recently " the ” of SARS of “ of ventilated system precaution, lash-up that ensures safety is used runs building air conditioning measure " .

Before air conditioning is used, should make beforehand case

Announcement regulation, before ventilated system starts air conditioning, or ventilated to throwing use air conditioning system, must understand the characteristic of systematic oneself, the detailed circumstance of the floor that makes clear service of each system place and room, make clean move ventilated system precaution and transmission of virus of ” of control “ SARS beforehand case, break out a circumstance clearly answer measure, fulfil person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of. ventilated to air conditioning of general and communal architectural system executes epidemic situation period to be given priority to with be being checked oneself, selective examination for complementary censorship. On the base that branch of director of construction of each city, county, wholesome administration wants to be checked oneself in each unit, undertake selectiving examination to having the public construction of central air conditioning, organize expert group to undertake relevant guidance; The problem that right happening should undertake rectifying and reform seriously; To having the unit that be checked oneself seriously and rectifies and reform, branch of director of construction, wholesome administration should undertake administration is punished lawfully and instruct deadline to rectify and reform. The area that does not have epidemic situation happening can consult " lash-up government measure " had done each precaution to intend the work.

New wind force is not gotten under everybody horary 30 stere

Lash-up measure asks, give priority to with answering wind circularly, wind of new, platoon is complementary system of complete air air conditioning, it is inside epidemic situation period, in principle should be used brand-new wind moves, in order to prevent alternate infection; Use special the system of air conditioning of air —— water with ventilated take a breath of the new, system that discharge wind, answer to move by the largest new wind force, and new wind force is not gotten under wholesome standard (everybody is horary 30 stere) , short of standard person should pass window of reasonable open door, strengthen ventilated take a breath, in order to get new wind force of full specified amount; Air conditioning of independent to be being used only type implement (machine) the room that offers cold heat addition, should close the window outside manage open part, make air conditioning room has good nature ventilated; It is inside epidemic situation period, system of complete air air conditioning and appropriate of system of air conditioning of water —— air are enabled in every sky attune before or close new wind and platoon fan let much move 1 hour after stopping, in order to improve airiness of inside and outside of room of air conditioning room. New graceful bearing of air conditioning system enrages a surroundings to must keep clean, in order to make sure the air with inspiratory place is the fresh air outdoor, prohibit strictly mouth of gas of new graceful bearing and the short circuit of platoon a place with a draught of the system that discharge wind. In addition, the new wind of box of the air conditioning inside air-conditioner room must use wind into gas mouth canal and new wind shaft or the shutter that take wind joins, prohibit indirect from the computer room inside, a string of 1 new wind is absorbed inside the top with ceiling inside corridor.
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