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Made in marriage room in May " red pink " storm [group plan]
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In traditional Chinese culture, gules delegate is lucky, festival. The spring festival scrolls in the festival, paper-cut for window decoration, lantern should put on even cracker red jacket even. The wedding of Chinese type is another red world: Head of flower of carpet, bosom, cheongsam, lid... connect " bridal chamber spends candle night " those who use is " Gong Zhu " .

And in contemporary industrial design, red is in inheritance besides its historical implication, still was gifted " lively " , " flowery " the meaning that waits a lot of happiness a moment.

So, the accurate new people under working weigh, if want to let each days red-blooded, might as well when new life is about to begin, fire revolutionary fervor! [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [issues one page]

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