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Exposure: Discrepancy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage moneybags peopl
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An American senior correspondent says, the common Chinese understanding to Beijing plute, far be inferior to understanding new York boss and Russia moneybags. But as us " beside " the place that these plute have He Xinxian after all? How be look upon marriage is mixed of the money that handles oneself? The reporter fell in friend help a few days ago, seek by inquiry capital a few top class clubs, those who let us walk into contemporary moneybags together is secret the life.

This the gentleman is group of capital real estate is eminent " big wrist " , after negotiate interviews matters concerned. Himself is opening him the racing bike of color of that silver grey will receive I and friend. The travel on Che Zaikuan's broad Chang'an Street, our destination is east of a rich and fashionable breath act art. I am right when passing Chang'an club this the gentleman says here management is more rigorous. Especially door Zhuang. This the gentleman says, be, stem from the consideration of a kind of close to member illicit sex, the member that is not here perhaps does not have member introduce, enter do not go.

This the member that the gentleman is Chang'an club, ten yuan enrollment cost and a year year of nearly 20 thousand yuan cost is right this it is not to calculate for the gentleman of on many. Important is, his a lot of important contracts are to be signed here, the money that brings to him exceeded membership fee far. In his eye, this is afraid also is a kind " beautiful penny, profiteer " means.

Chang'an club

Chang'an club

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Walk into Chang'an club, what see in old hall above all is an imposing manner is uncommon " emperor's audience hall " . Although the breath of riches and honour is compared with the photograph in the Imperial Palace none inferior also. Sit elevator goes to 8, there are one of Chinese meal offices over there " clear goblet Gong Zhu " , also be at the same time cover an area of in the club the biggest, decorate most a of next capital. Have not only in the hall gigantic a canvas " drunk wine of high-ranked imperial concubine " , still various and classic furniture, classic lamp is acted the role of, and a screen of rare red sandalwood wood, more will royal air and elegant atmosphere rise extremely to. Dish of delicate another name for Guangdong Province and form of dish of each district characteristic can take in Chinese meal hall. Additional, it still has 10 several honoured guest between the bag, the name is very interesting also: Taste, double happiness, 3 yuan arrive all the time 9 be like, 10 complete. [1] [2] [3] [4] [issues one page]
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