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Formaldehyde causes cancer utmost desire improves indoor air quality to give new
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The house that new clothes builds has a pungent taste in very long period of time, this is the odour that the chemical material such as the formaldehyde that sends, ammonia, benzene comes loose in decorating material, namely people often says decorate pollution. Recently, key of association of Chinese interior decoration is recommended cleared and indoor the interior construction air that decorates pollution purifies a product -- " inferior decorate bodyguard 2801 " , the hope can carry this state 15 science and technology tackle key problem of technical achievement popularize processing to decorate air pollution. In the meantime, expert attending the meeting goes up in the conference again earnest warn broad customer: According to the announcement of World Health Organization, indoor the formaldehyde that decorates contaminative place generation is affirmatory carcinogen, when entering weather of high temperature of Chun Xia season, formaldehyde releases a quantity to want than ever tower above 20% to 30% , prevention and cure is indoor the problem that decorates pollution already no time to delay.

Expert attending the meeting points out, decorate pollution in recent years malign harm case happens again and again, serious already effect lives to the people, strengthen processing no time to delay. Concerned data makes clear, via all sorts of big core board, the volatile chemical material such as plywood, compound floor and the room formaldehyde that act the role of paper, paint and coating to had been decorated, benzene, ammonia is as high as 100 a variety of, endanger among them most serious head with formaldehyde again. Formaldehyde, weigh formaldehyde again, it is the excitant gas of a kind of colorless Yi Rong, can be absorbed by human body through respiratory tract, basically use at producing resin, and these colophony often are used to do He Yan of lumber product, pulp, paper, fibre glass agent of stone fibrous bind, make a kind of harmful material that sends out for a long time in decorating material. There is apparently excitant taste in the bedroom with formaldehyde high concentration, can bring about weep, giddy, have a headache, the symptom such as the lack of power, faintness that look matter, the examination sees ministry of conjunctiva, pharynx congest apparently, partial patient auscultation breathes out sound-absorbing and coarse or have drying collect news. Relatively the person that weigh can have continuously cough, cracked, bosom painful, breath is difficult. As the material of higher toxicity, in our country toxic chemical the formaldehyde on preferential control list resides the 2nd high.
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