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34 kinds of small home appliance of Beijing on 61 kinds of building materials bl
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Industrial and commercial bureau announced Beijing to deserve to wait for commodity quality to monitor a result to current domain home appliance, building materials, steam, have fluid of brake of 31 kinds of product of 61 kinds of 34 small home appliance, building materials, cars and cooling fluid unqualified, because many famous supermarket and market sold unqualified commodity to go up blacklist. Disappear of city industrial and commercial bureau protects Feng Yuan of department deputy director general to introduce, already allotted to the supermarket that sells unqualified goods and market at present supervise and direct announcement, instruct next wearing.

Percent of pass of solar energy water heater on 3 kinds of 86% water heater " black a list of names posted up "

Industrial and commercial bureau: 34 kinds of electric equipment are unqualified Yilaikesi also go up blacklist

Building materials distributors exposes to the sun oneself inside story of a plot: Low pulls guest high price to sell goods small home appliance to hide safe hidden trouble to monitor a result to show, have 34 electric home appliances Previous12 Next
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