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Bamboo floor enters home of northward common people
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Decorate in the family as people in taller and taller to the requirement of comfortable health, the bamboo with pure and fresh green acts the role of material especially bamboo floor because the reason such as environmental protection and not changeful form, get gradually of northward consumer love.

Bamboo floor is different from the bamboo goods on traditional sense, traditional sense is to point to the bamboo product that bamboo makes through heating its bend or the method such as cut is machined and becomes, although pass a few blanch and antiseptic wait for civilian craft processing, but in climate dry north often appears craze and be out of shape. The bamboo products on the treatment craft of bamboo floor and traditional sense is different, it is the evaporate that carries bamboo contemporary machine is boiled, blanch and high temperature is antiseptic after waiting for craft to handle, machine the compositive board that makes.

The bamboo of our country is very rich, growing Changjiang Delta bank especially is the area that teems with bamboo, center most with the province such as Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. Bamboo becomes a useful person period short, want the left and right sides 5 years only commonly, but natural again establish, will tell from resource can assure can develop continuously. Because bamboo is resourceful, bamboo floor also has definite advantage on the price, the price of high-grade bamboo floor is equivalent to only in the price of cheap woodiness floor, and the double above that the hardness of bamboo floor, flexural strength and compressive strength are lumber about, in addition bamboo floor has measurable flexibility, can reduce noise and easy cleanness.

The outstanding advantage of bamboo board floor is wintry warm Xia Liang. Bamboo because coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, whatever season, people can barefoot above walk, feel very comfortable, special agree with shop outfit is in the bedroom of old person and child.

Off color is lesser the one big characteristic that is bamboo floor. Differentiate according to colour, bamboo floor can be divided it is two kinds, it is natural look, off color is less than woodiness floor, have rich Zhu Wen, and colour can be divided again in well-balanced; natural look for instinctive quality and carbonization color, instinctive quality handles the appearance with varnish, use the color with the most primary bamboo, the colour close of color of carbonization of fast; of bright Li Ming and Walnut, actually bamboo is made through bake, in dignified composed in the Zhu Wen that still sees clarity. 2 it is to go up artificially Qi Se, lacquer makings can allocate all sorts of colour, do not cross Zhu Wen already the finishing of floor of bamboo of not quite apparent; uses paint of varnish, light mostly, inferior lacquer of wear-resisting of smooth Qi He.

Bamboo floor is arranged in the structure go up to basically have 3 kinds of kind, make the same score namely press type, vertical stroke to press type and T word type, these 3 kinds of structures are curve bamboo directional “ back to carry ” on the back to arrange, the soft toughness that uses bamboo oneself will balance the systole in different environment to expand rate.
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