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Maintain piece: What wooden floor experiences recursive nature is plain
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Be opposite living culture more and more cultured today, the choice of the floor also is a grand opera that makes good household, what people should go after is a kind of cap-a-pie is comfortable. And in the floor adornment material in full of beautiful things in eyes, have many people however to wooden floor affection alone heart, because like that one,return to natural plain sense only.

The sort of wooden floor from most initial real wood floor board develops up to now, already derived by single real wood floor for numerous wooden floor breed. The wooden floor of the choice can be laid on building materials market now, already no longer floor of real wood of be confined to, however kind concept, include numerous variety. The mainest have real wood floor, aggrandizement compound floor and solid Mu Fu join a floor board, still two plant more special: Cork floor and bamboo floor. Today, we will carry on last, introduce cork floor and bamboo floor board for you.

Bamboo floor:

Zhu Mu refines and bamboo wood floor is become by of the right age. Style of bamboo wood floor is pure and fresh and decorous, can produce the adornment result of nature of of primitive simplicity. Because bamboo coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, still have the character with wintry warm cool summer so, no matter be in,let a person what is seasonal, cozily barefoot above walk, suit a shop to pack the living room in old person, child particularly. The price of bamboo floor also has definite advantage relatively. The price of high-grade bamboo floor is equivalent to only in the price of cheap wood floor, be in 200 yuan commonly / square metre goes to 400 yuan / square metre.

Bamboo floor characteristic: Off color is little, because of the growth of bamboo radius wants than tree small much, get sunshine the effect is not serious, without the difference of range of distinct yin and yang, because this bamboo floor has rich Zhu Wen, and colour and lustre is well-balanced; Exterior hardness is tall an advantage that also is bamboo floor. Because bamboo floor is structure of plant crude fibre, its natural hardness compares lumber tower above one times much, and not changeful form. Theoretic service life amounts to 20 years. On stability, bamboo floor contracts and expand should compare real wood floor small. But go up in actual durable sex Zhudebanye is faulty: The effect that suffers insolation and humidity can appear statified phenomenon.
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