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Muti_function half an year of much accident of breakdown of small home appliance
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Fire of electric equipment of security of 65% consumer negligence rises compared to the same period first half of the year 42% 9 after into consumer dissatisfaction makes work

This morning " Chinese quality goes 10 thousand lis " the findings report result that the magazine releases market of Beijing small home appliance shows -- ,

Today, " Chinese quality goes 10 thousand lis " the findings report that the magazine issued market of a small to Beijing home appliance, the report shows in the brand consciousness is upgrading in arousal, technology while pace is accelerated, of 65% get the security that sought consumer to ignore a product, the 90% maintenance after sufferring small home appliance of dissatisfaction of the person that visit to make work and dimension authority claim for compensation.

   Investigate setting

In October the middle ten days of a month, " Chinese quality goes 10 thousand lis " the notes matures quite considering Beijing region market, breed of small home appliance is all ready, because this decides its the main area that investigates for this, choose omnibus bazaar, electric equipment monopolistic field and general merchandise terminal market sell a main site that surveys as small home appliance 3 kinds this.

Specific investigation limits includes the upper trade group, southern trade group and zone of well of king government office, Wang Fu that mounds to wait into gate area celestial bodies of Le Fu of well general merchandise, new world, Yan Sha, home, Xidan, north, a shady retreat on a green hill, greatly medium, Su Ning. Investigate this, extend in all questionnaire 300, reclaim effective questionnaire 140.


According to the use function of small home appliance, can divide roughly it is 3 kinds: It is household articles for use, basically include fanner, cleaner, report to warm implement, humidifier, air is fresh implement, water machine; 2 it is cuisine things, basically include electric heat jug, microwave oven, smoke cupboard of Bao of meal of furnace of lampblack machine, electromagnetism, report, disinfection, juicer to wait; 3 it is individual articles for daily use, basically include massager of appearance of hairdressing of hair dryer, dynamoelectric razor, electric iron, electric toothbrush, electron, electron to wait.

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Terminal market of small home appliance " 3 without " the product is outstanding
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