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How can bamboo floor lengthen life to hold 3 big keys to nod
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Be used correctly and maintaining is the key that prolongs bamboo floor service life. Bamboo floor in use should note 3 respects.

Want to maintain indoor dry humidity above all. Bamboo floor although via dry processing, reduced the variation of dimension, but because its bamboo is natural material, so, bamboo floor still can do humidity to change along with climate and some are out of shape; If encounter dry season,be in northern region, when opening central heating especially, consumer can adjust through different method humidity, like use humidifier or basin water is put to wait on central heating; Southern region arrived rainy season, consumer should many window is ventilated, keep indoor and dry; In the meantime, use bamboo floor to should avoid to be contacted with many water as far as possible indoors, if water is spilled to the floor, answer to be wiped in time, clean.

Next, avoid attaint floor appearance. Face of bamboo floor lacquer, should avoid good thing to bump, edge tool cut, metal grinds etc. Prevent to wait for dirt, sand content to take a room, this can place a doormat in the doorway, but the cleanness that must maintain insole. Do not use bamboo clappers of gride of the content that nail a needle the surface or wear the shoe that contains metallic hammer to enter a room. Can use fabrics of a few fiber to include the foot of furniture, can make furniture shift rises already so more convenient, still can make furniture does not injure a floor.

Finally, should correct and clean floor. Using a process daily, hold bamboo floor ground when clean, cleanness, usable and clean broom is swept clean, next reoccupy twists dry mop to procrastinate, also can use floor board of graze of softness wet cloth at ordinary times, also can resemble treating carpet of course in that way, with the dirt on cleaner eliminate floor. The basis uses a case, can lie between a few years to wax, preserve paint film area flowing and bright and clean. If the condition allows, 2 floor wax can be hit in bamboo floor surface to 3 months, safeguard the effect so much better.

Additional, still need to often open window take a breath, adjust indoor air temperature.

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A:  of grave of play chess of  of carbylamine of Pai of  of Jian of Ran  an ancient type of spoon is rotten calumnying  first river of protein of cereal of  of  of lap of delay of joke   stops  to knock at our ripples of  of Mao of ripples of tribute talk in one's sleep the room that R of plinth of appropriate of Qu Shang  has?4 square metre needs to use candle about 50 grams, kerosene 125 grams. wooden floor wipe up, dip in with clean cotton cloth candle oil is even ground daub ground, the attention does not besmear too thickly. Every besmear 3 square metre of 2 ―, stop 2 ― 3 minutes, wait for when sticking a hand, do cloth additionally to be wiped on cerated ground with, till brush a burnish. After the ground hits candle, 9 months make every other again, the quantity that use candle can decrease appropriately than first time.
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