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Are wooden floor and ceramic tile bought how is choosing gift best?
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Ten years ago, bright and clean bright beautiful ceramic tile is wide welcome, the porcelain on bedroom, sitting room, balcony pledges the brick became the first selection of people. Can be those who follow a real wood floor is arisen, sex of its environmental protection and the simple sense that had exceeded went out ceramic tile the bedroom please gradually, but as some closer the grow in quantity of village of year of heating of the heat of the earth's interior, the characteristic with good performance of ceramic tile heat conduction by more consumer acknowledge, then ceramic tile has greatly reduce a force that comes again. The product with these two kinds of different simple capable person, what differ after all severally with the characteristic, the reporter was in a few days ago big market of bright palace building materials undertakes investigating.

Ceramic tile:

Popular type: There basically is archaize brick, polishing brick, Bo to change a brick to wait on the market.

Window product: Brick of archaize of ” of “ copy oak, the surface looks very floor resembling wood, feel smoother.

Material is qualitative: Stone of aerospace stone, gold sanded stone, rubiginous charm stone, vesuvianite, fashionable, wooden grain stone.

Norms:  of thin < of Wei of ┕ of spoon of Mu of Zhang of Mou of humorous ∩ mill flinchs?ldquo;300mm×300mm”“300mm×600mm”“300mm×1000mm”“800mm×800mm” .

The spot extracts price: Standards of “300×1000” of brick of archaize of Lou Lan of ” of “ copy oak comes 70 yuan for 60 yuan between.

Easy fashionable of road of ” of grain of “ copy wood inferior norms of “300×600” of brick of bright smooth tie is 40 to 50 yuan between differ.

Environmental protection sex: Porcelain pledges the brick contains radioactivity, its must look to pledge whether check report is “A” when buy kind product.

Laid difficulty: Should notice to leave ash to seam in laid, because heat up,bilge easily otherwise cold shrink porcelain of the ”“ since generation “ beat cracks ” phenomenon.

Do difficulty: Do not need to nurse particularly measure.

The discount passes on: 95 fold 55 fold differ.

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